Naim CD5si and Nait 3

Hi. I’ve had a nait 3 Amp.for a long time. My arcam diva 92 has packed in.
I was going to get a naim CD player, on e bay used but have read that some of the earlier CD players are difficult to repair if they fail.

I can push to get a brand new CD5si. Full warranty at £1199.
Would this be the best/ sensible bet?
I’ve got a pair of nice royd sapphires on Linn stands.
Any opinions.

A matching CD3 won’t set you back too much. The mech was one of Philips’ best and most reliable (CDM9); main issues that can occur are that the mech platter can slip down the spindle thus making it seem like the mech has failed - an easy fix. Also the rubber grips on the clamp can compress or harden, but replacement clamps are inexpensive. More tricky is that the Philips TDA1541A Crown DAC chips can go noisy. However, the CD3 is a bold and colourful player that still has great appeal and can engage like few others for similar money. A nice one should only set you back around £300-350.

The CD5si is what got me started on Naim two years ago and it is a fine CD player that I think punches well above its price point. I’ve since replaced it with a ND5XS2 and there’s not a great deal to choose between the CD5si and the streamer when it comes to playing CD rips.

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Thank you. Do you receive the DIN connector when you buy the player?

Yes, the grey or lavender grey interconnect should come with the CD player.


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