Naim Cd5si drawer problem

Hi all!
I have just unpacked my newly received Naim cd5si player.And every time when opening/closing CD loading drawer I hear strange noise like something rubbing against metal inside.
Anyone experienced the same?Is that normal at all?

Doesn’t sound right, no such noises when I open or close mine.

Get your dealer to check it out. It may be the folded ribbon cable just catching and rubbing along the lid - most common issue, easily fixed. Or it could be the drawer alignment has moved slightly in transit - again easily fixed if you know what you’re doing.

Sounds very much like folded ribbon cable just catching and rubbing along the lid.Thanks!.
I’ll get in touch with my dealer anyway.As in addition to that I found 2 scratches on face plate of player.
First impression is totally spoiled:)

I would express your concerns with your dealer. Scratches on the face plate is never a good sign and totally unacceptable.

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