CD5SI Drawer adjustment

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I have the Naim cd5si which I love,truly excellent using a QEDRef40 silver interconnects with phono only output selected and display off mode,one of the best cd players that I have heard,sounds superb on SHM and Blu-Spec cds from Japan. My question is the cd drawer on bottom left hand side has dropped slightly so it looks slightly off compared to the surround,can I adjust this and how? its only about a 16th of an inch so I can live with it if it meens removing the lid! or can it be adjusted from the underside.

No need to open the lid. There are some hex head adjustment bolts under the pivot of the player. I would recommend you liaise with Naim service though first as I can’t recall off the top of my head which one does which adjustment, and with my Macbook currently out of service I can’t look up my old Naim files.

Thank you very much! that helps,I will contact Naim to check this,I had wondered about some bolt type things that I could see under the front panel area.

Definitely liaise with Naim first - if you try to adjust the wrong one you could screw up the entire pivot, in which case it’s back to base for repair.

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