Naim CD5si suddenly stopped playing


I’ve had my CD5si for over 5 years and I’ve enjoyed it daily. However, I just bought a number of CDs and was working my way through them. One was a bit noisy so I cleaned it and it was still noisy but played. The next one wouldn’t play. Now no CDs will play.

I’ve cleaned CDs and made sure that there is no dirt in the tray and it’s all clean. Now it just makes noises and won’t read discs.

Has anyone else come across this? Is it time to send this back to have a little love from someone more technically minded?

Thanks, Dom

Dom, Is the mains lead firmly pushed in? If so, switch off the player, give it a few seconds and switch it back on again.

Any good?

When you say noisy, could you explain a bit more? Do you mean it was stuttering? Or was it like blasts of white noise?

I have made sure that the power lead is pushed in firmly, but no difference.

What I mean by noise is that the mechanism inside is making noise. I can hear it trying to spin and then making a noise, which isn’t a grinding, but doesn’t sound any more pleasant than that.

I just tried a disc again and it’s spinning and then can’t read the disc.

I’m resigning myself to an expensive fix for this :frowning:

It might well be that the mech has an issue. I would get in touch with your dealer to get it checked out.

That is my fear… Not so worried about it being a fault, just the fear of living without it for a while. I can’t explain the amount of joy I get from it, so it’s going to be a tough time!


Maybe the puck isn’t gripping the CD well enough, but I don’t know what puck that one uses. But @Richard.Dane might know more or know how to check.

Thanks… I’ve actually ordered a new puck and it will be here in the next day or so. The noises it made has made me think that this isn’t the issue though.

It’s possible. Unless the clamp on the CD5Si is like the Clamp 5, which is basically near bulletproof. Of course, I realise that I’ve never seen what type of clamp the CD5Si uses (a bit after my time for any hands on experience with the player), but if it has compliant rubber like the clamps 1-4 then that’s a possibility.

This is the puck for a 5si


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