Naim cd5si transport reset

My Naim cd5si is nearly 2 years old and I am very pleased with its sound, once in a blue moon I thought the sound muted and recently this has happened a couple of times and playing a disc last night by trak selection it did not play the next to last trak, but tried again and it did!
My cds are in mint condition and I once remember seeing a thread on the forum about a RESET for the player, but I am not sure how to do this, help please!

I’m not sure about a reset; there is a soak mode that is used for a basic diagnosis on the philips mech equipped players. Make sure there’s a good clean disc in the drawer, and the drawer is closed. You then press and hold the play button as you switch on the player. It then reads the disc without error correction. Every time it comes across an error it counts from 0 up to 10 at which point it then stops. The idea is that if you know the disc is totally error free then any errors must be down to a possible fault with the player. Cycle power to put the player back in normal mode.

Anyway, perhaps @NeilS may be able to add something here as I don’t know about the CD5si .

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So would that apply to an original CDX2 then @Richard.Dane?

Mike, do you mean the soak mode? If so, yes. You do need to use a perfect disc though that is within red book spec and known to be error free.

Hi Richard,

The newer players have a slightly different soak mode, accessed by the same manor. They display four zeros, each one denotes different error counts (TOC, radial, focus) I can’t recall what the fourth one is, nor the order. But all zeros is what you are looking for.

You can reset players by switching on with the front panel stop button held. In the case of CD555, the door will require recalibration afterwards.

Please do not use this reset on original (non italic) CD5i - these players have manually added coefficients that will be erased! This will lead to playability issues.



Thanks Neil. Good information - especially the final part (NB)!

Thanks for reply, I am not sure what I did on the 5si, I think I pressed play{while switching on} then pause, with disc inside, but I got 0000 so I guess that’s good! and the display off came on as did the output selection change, so I think its reset, it seems ok, I had loaded a SHM cd in transport ,so I am not sure if its the disc that’s ok as I thought for RESET you did not put a disc in when I read an old forum article.

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