Naim CDI skipping on one track on one CD

Very strange problem, here. My CDI plays any CD perfectly, apart from track 7 (In the days before rock n roll) on the Van Morrison CD Enlightenment, where it stutters about 3.30 into the track for 20 seconds or so, then it is fine again. The track plays perfectly on my computer drive and the CD is in perfect condition.

Two possibilities:

  1. (most likely) dirty/ scratched CD.

Remedy - a) wash CD under cold running water. Remember to always wipe it from center to edge. Dry with a lint free soft cloth. If CD plays fine now, it was dirty. If not, it may be scratched.

b) replace CD. If new CD plays fine, old one was scratched.

  1. (most unlikely) CD mech is showing early signs of failing.

Remedy - call Naim servicing and discuss options.

I hope it is a simple dirty/ scratched CD and you quickly get to enjoying your music again.

Thank you, but every other track on the CD is fine. The CD is perfectly clean and unscratched. The CD player plays every other CD fine. Another CD player plays the offending track on the CD without issue.

Yep. I’ve had exactly this problem with a few CD’s in my CDS2, and most of the time a quick wash solves the problem. Naim CD players seem to be that bit more fussy about what you put in them.

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Thank you. The CDI is new to me, and it works beautifully with my Nait 2 (sonically and aesthetically). I had that sinking feeling when I thought something may be wrong with it.

I’ve had perfectly clean looking CDs refuse to rip on my computer until I’d given them a clean. It looked no different after cleaning but then ripped perfectly.

Laser light ‘sees’ things differently to the human eye.

OK, I’ve given the CD a good clean, looks perfect - I’m still getting the same skipping/ticking at exactly the same point on the same song. All other songs on the CD are fine, as are other CDs. What could this mean?

Try copying the CD to a CDR on your PC assuming you have one. Burn at the lowest speed.

The cd is damaged somehow. Get another copy and try it. I have 21 cds which are fine in other players but get stuck like yours in my Naim CD players. I replaced them and all is well. The 21 live in the car now.

If the new one skips, call Naim service dept.

Always try the cheapest solutions first.

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Absolutely this. I had a couple of CDs that just point blank refused to play on the CD5si. They played fine in the CD drive in my computer so I just copied them on to a CD R and the copies played fine in the Naim.


You could try giving the CD a light polish, with something like say… TCut…

Or… just buy another copy…

This could be the first sign of the laser mech failing. If that is the case it will continue to become worse. Hopefully that is not the case as Naim cannot replace or repair the laser.

Well, as Guinness and elverdiblanco suggested, I burned a copy onto a CD-R and it plays perfectly. How on earth that is possible, I don’t know.


I adored my old CDI and it’s great some of them are still going strong. Very happy memories of that old system. Enjoy!

Thanks, it’s a lovely thing, that’s why my heart dropped when I heard the distortion! All is well now, thankfully.

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If it’s the same CD at the same spot, it’s the CD not the player , often cleaning it works wonders.
In the past I’ve used a spray , that I use for cleaning my computer screen and keyboard

Also I have a CD where this happens and sometimes it plays in the blu-ray player and sometimes not.

In the end (as it was a favourite CD) I replaced the CD

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