Naim CDI transport screw issue?

Hi all

I have a CDI or CD1.

After keeping 8n the store room for a while. I forgot to unscrew the transport screen at the bottom before I play the CD. Obviously the laser head could not move freely and unable to play the CD for several disc changed

Later , I found that the found the problem was due to the tightened screw. After I took away the screw, I found that I can play the CD. But for some CD-R CD. It skip the tracks at track7-8 for several disc.

May I ask if laser pickup head aligbment will be impacted by the tightened screw ?


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The CDI was never particularly brilliant with CD-Rs, and age won’t have helped that much since, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Both the CDM4Pro and CDM9Pro mechs are long gone and even good scavenged mechs of either are super-rare so be happy it still plays CDs.

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Mine should be CDM4Pro laser head mechanism

IIRC the the CDM4Pro used in the CDI was either the CDM4/27 or CDM4/21 - both very rare indeed, and sadly rather different to the much, much more common CDM4/19.

Just keep the clamp in good condition - I recommend having a few on rotation, and also have a double loop one on standby for really tricky discs.

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