Naim cdx 2

Can anyone please advise on the CDX 2 ?

I have recently been offered one of these but ask if Naim have stopped servicing these or if the laser mechanism is still available if so what is it ?

Does anyone know of any other makes of cd player that user the same mechanism assuming it to be a Sony or Philips ?

Also does it have the vam1202 ?

Question for Naim - @Richard.Dane, @NeilS

I believe it was said that mechs were again available…?

The early versions of the CDX2 used the Philips VAM1250. These were short-lived and new ones are long gone, so because of this some years back Naim re-engineered the CDX2 to use the VAM1202. At the same time they also offered a re-engineered VAM1202 based update solution for anyone with a VAM1250 machine who needed a new mech fitted.

From what I gather from @NeilS, Naim can no longer offer the VAM1202 update for VAM1250 equipped CDX2s, however, if yours is a later VAM1202 unit, or an earlier one that has already had the VAM1202 update fitted then you should be OK for the time being, although @NeilS will no doubt know the most up to date info here.

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Is it known when the van 1202 was first introduced?

Richard is correct in that we can no longer offer the update for 1250 machines to 1202.

To the best of my knowledge, we still have supply issues with the 1202 mechs at the moment :worried:

We can still service all CD players as far as capacitors are concerned, however, shipping working examples of these older players can be risky given the current situation.

According to the data I have, the 1202 was introduced to the CDX-2 in 2006. I’m unable to verify that data is correct though - somebody may be able to confirm.


My CDX2 dates from 2002 - Ser No 191xxx - and I believe it has the original - VAM1250 mech.
Still working… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Neil, does it mean if CDX2 manufactured before 2006 breaks it’s the end and time to look for new player?

Thanks Neil. 2006 sounds about right to me.

If the mech fails in a CDX2 with a VAM1250 then you would need to replace with a VAM1250. Apart from some rather dubious mechs available on certain auction sites, the VAM1250 is long gone and extremely hard to find. You could, of course, scavenge an old working mech from another suitable old player (mech lists can be found online), but that’s outside of what Naim can offer, and being one of the higher-end Philips Mechs means that there’s no nice plentiful and cheap player to source from. There are though a number of “kitchen table” techs that might be able to help here, but again, that’s a discussion that’s rather outside the AUP of this forum.

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Thank you Richard, all clear.

My conclusion is - Yes, sadly. And I own one… (bought pre-loved, in 2009)

@NeilS - Correct…?

:worried: And I see it double sad for me as holds me back from buying XPS for CDX2.
BTW, Ian, thanks again for sharing your view in the another thread re XPSes.

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No prob. Not sure which one, though…?

Remember… an XPS (any flavour) can power a number of Naim Things - so is a flexible choice…! IMO… YMMV, etc…

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Indeed, Richard has summed up exactly what I had in mind to reply above.


The CDX2 was a great player but it’s days are, sadly, over. I moved from a CDX2 to an HDX and, while the presentation was subtly different, I never looked back. The HDX uses generally available 5.25" optical drives and 3.5" HDDs. They can be replaced by NAIM, albeit a little on the expensive side. It can also operate as a stand alone CD player as desired.

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