Naim CDX2 or 2.2 operation without using remote

I just purchased a used Naim CDX2.2 and have some questions regarding the operation using the front buttons?
I powered the unit up put in disc and pressed play the display showed number or tracks went to track one being displayed stayed lit for moment and then went dark with no cd movement or sound tried another disc same thing I then tried it with remote and it worked.
I shut it down tried it the next day same issue would only work with remote ran it all last night shut it down this morning re powered and unit works from front buttons.
I’m not sure whats going on I think there might be something wrong.
Your help and knowledge would be appreciated.
Thanks In advance.

I’ve not come across that before. Perhaps @NeilS has though…?

I had this for a period with my original CDX2 many years ago. It was struggling to play some CDs unless started from the remote. Seemed to struggle to read the TOC. Bizarrely resolved with a new puck.

Sounds like the display is going dark because the display off function is active. Display off is a sticky function, so will remain active after a power cycle.
Switch the player on while holding the front panel Stop button to restore default settings.