Naim-Chord Compatibility Issue?

Someone told me there could be compatibility issue due to Naim’s use of a “floating ground.” I was told the smaller Chord products can have this issue when used with Naim.

I get a pretty pronounced hum through both speakers when my Chordette Gem DAC is used (predecessor to the 2Qute). The hum gets louder as the volume increases. I’ve isolated the cables, tested other components, etc. It only happens when this DAC used.

I have Naim 152/155 XS separates with Dynaudio Focus 160 bookshelves. I just took this system out of storage and noticed the hum when it up.

Thanks for any information.

There doesn’t appear to be a float/ chassis switch on the back of the 152 preamp. What you could try is to add a grounding wire between the chassis of the chord dac and the nac. Also what interconnect are you using?

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