Naim Chrome Bumper

No, I never heard one. I do of course still have my upgraded V1, as detailed above. Very nice it is too.

Crikey, £1k sounds like an unbelievable price, but who am I to say? I guess if you want it badly enough…




Thanks FF. Opened her up today to have a look at the signatures of who built her marked on the PCB. Just as pristine inside (it was serviced in 2017 before i bought it) and looks as if it was built yesterday. It’s a shame i don’t have any vinyl as an LP12 of that period should really keep it company. I’d just need my old Target turntable table (doing sterling duty in my Mum’s porch as a plant stand…) and i’d have the system i dreamed of when i was 15…

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Just found a photo of my 62/90 CB gear from 20+ years ago.

And there is my old NAPS!


Just remembered something from looking at that photo. It is not strictly a CB NAP 90. A bit of filing of the Olive case and…

What speakers were playing with this beautiful system?

Linn Kan II’s on Mk I stands. I had a Yamaha subwoofer for a while but it was dreadful. Replaced with a REL Strata III.

Not so cozy surrounding but the six-pack delivers :slight_smile:


That’s one hell of a set up. :+1:What preamp and sources are you using?

Thanks :slight_smile:
NAC52+52PS, NDS+555PSDR, LP12 w Ekos 2,Troika, Keel, Prefix+SC

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And Linn ISO?

Yes Bricks or DBL

No one mention the Mana…


:small_blue_diamond:@stuart.ashen,…Personally,.I love Mana Acoustics.

Not the look,.but how Mana gets the products to play.
A LP12 should stand on a Mana…
Case Closed :wink::grin:.


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I was referring more to a time on the old Forum when members reacted to any mention of Mana in terms of Trumpian divisiveness…


Some shrewd purchases for a system for my office


What are the speakers and stands?

They’re Linn Kan 2’s with their own stands

Nice set up. Thanks for sharing . A computer free system :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Classic system… LP12/Ittok/42/110/Kans… nice, and one of my faves😀