Naim Chrome Bumper

I recently was fortunate to purchase a 62/140 Hicap all serviced and after about 3 weeks of having these playing I am over the moon with them. So it got me to thinking how many of Naim users still have the Chrome Bumper Series playing in their systems.


Very nice looking set, Linton.

I too have a NAC62, Hicap and NAP140 (NAP110 upgraded) as well as a load of other chrome bumper kit either in use in certain places in the house or boxed up awaiting use at some point in future. I love the look of the chrome bumper shoe box kit.


My Naim system is the same NAC62, NAP140 and HICAP ‘Chrome Bumper’

However I have had mine since the late1980’s, and the 30 year old system has just been serviced, and is now connected up again, and I am enjoying the music, and the radio on my NAT02…

Back in place…

The shelves are level and straight, the camera distorts the image rather too much!


I’ve got a NAC62 feeding into a NAXO2 (both powered by HiCaps) and the NAXO2 goes on to two NAP250s feeding SBLs.

I think I’m about to mess it all up by inserting a NAC52 / SuperCap in place of the NAC62 and a HiCap though.


I have a late CB NAP250 in immaculate condition. And the power lamp works :blush:

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That sounds like a very good move to me.

@Debs comment in the ‘New SBL’ thread may point at a more arguable move.

It won’t look as nice as it currently does though!

I think Naim’s Chrome Bumper equipment just looks ‘right’.

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Nice looking system, Linton!
Every time I see such I start thinking about buying one. Like the shoebox sets and especially the CB.

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Reminds me of the good ol’ Times I started off with a 62/140
Replacing boards, my first lp12 etc. you know the usual stuff, and ,especially, fell in love with Naim

I suspect when you start listening to it the visual compromise might seem a small price to pay.

I started with a 42.5/HiCap/140 (plus LP12/SARAs) back in the mid 70s. It was a great system. I wish I still had it. I still have the NACA4 cable, but don’t use it for anything.

So true


I use a CB Nait 2 on my desk and 32.5/hc/250 for the main system.

The vintage gear is spectacular.

Anyone running a chrome bumper NAT 02 automatically commands respect!

This picture is from a few months ago. Since then replaced the Sony Disman with a Rega Apollo as transport.


Naim should offer an option to have the current electronics in Chrome Bumper casework. Even if they charged a premium, they’d literally fly off the shelves!

It’s now become an iconic design IMO. A parallel for me is Porsche 911 where the old classics become more desirable.


32.5/HC/250/NDS/555PS (full Service 2018) with Harbeth M30.1


I have a mixture of old and new with two nap 135s. Love mixture of black, olive and CB! :grinning:


Dan - that looks fantastic. May I ask how the CB 135’s compare to a 250?

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Thanks @Ardbeg10y. They sound very similar. There is a bit more power and a clearer presentation. I had a CB 250 before which was great as well. I had the 135s serviced and when they came back they sounded more natural and better still. If you play music loud for prolonged periods of time the 135s do not cut out which I found happened a few times with the CB250.

They are similar inside the box but with better signal path separation, better earthing and they have fans that come on if the amps get hot.

So for me the change was worth doing.

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