Naim Coffee Mug - Good marketing Allot of Interest

My Naim mug (from the 2018 visit) resides at work where it continues to spread the word. It’s holding up well (no fading) so Naim quality standards obviously apply here too


Yeah mine has generated allot of Interest… people know of the brand but are kinda scared to ask…

I see it as a gradual introduction to quality music reproduction. I leave my old HFN mags in the our ‘Hub’ (canteen in old speak) to try and spread the word too. I just need to find who keeps leaving What Hi-Fi magazines around and re-educate them :grinning:

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I have a rather wonderful ceramic one given to me by Tom Tom Audio


That’s ace … could there be a black market in collectable Naim mugs …:thought_balloon::thought_balloon:

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Bring back the polo shirts please - mine is waring well after what I estimate to be some 30 years.

I still wear mine and it really annoys the people I work with for some reason.


You sure it’s the teeshirt :rofl:


I have a milk tray polo shirt does this count…

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Would be nice to see them all in this thread.

What the polo shirts or mugslies…

My naim Head-Cap.



Wasn’t he a cricketer?

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I wonder which is the most collectable … promotional goodie…any ideas???

I was given a lovely white Naim mug by my dealer, sadly it fell off the work surface in the kitchen and broke into at least 24 bits.

Pity if it was 16 bits it may have been different!!!

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The folded cardboard NAP250s were rather fun. I had one, but no idea where it is now.

Most practical were probably the original Naim record bags. I still use one of the later bags, whose main claim to fame was that it couldn’t quite fit any records inside…


I have a feeling a pic of a Naim parka was posted on the last forum but one.

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An anorak, surely? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: