Naim connection guide

I think it went to outer space with the new www or has anyone found it? Links seem to be broken.


Agree the Connection Guide appears to be missing… AWOL.

Was very useful… IMO.

@Richard.Dane - ??

It’s an interesting one. The knotty connections relate to active systems, headlines and the like, none of which are made any more. To what extent should the website include guidance on connecting superseded products? I don’t know. The current stuff all seems very straightforward by contrast.

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Thankfully Latham Audio (the Benelux distributor), has some extensive connection guides in their website. Download a copy while you still can!


Prefer to have most things analog, so printed it before it disappeared, luckily :innocent:


Thanks a lot! Found it there under support and downloads :slight_smile: IMO the connection guide is superior compared to what is within the manuals since it is more clear. Everyone should have access to it and they should continue work on it IMO.

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I’ll enquire with Naim.


Thank you…!!