Naim Core with 10 or 12 TB Drive?

I love my Naim Core…so much so that my 8 TB drive now has only 400 GB space left. Obviously i could attach a NAS and get as much space as i want but that seems to get me back to an IT person vs a music listener.

Does anyone run their Core with a bigger than 8 TB drive?

:astonished: how many thousands of CDs is that?

Must be 30,000 as FLAC, about half that as WAV :open_mouth:

A lot of downloads on there, not just a lot of cds…most of it is wav but some flac as well

Do you just collect for the love of collecting? Guessing maybe 15k albums based on a mix of formats, if you play, say, 5 albums a day every day with no repeats it will take you something like 8 years to play all!

I have listened to at least 90% of it…always finding and downloading stuff though…keep in mind there is a lot of hi-rez as well…so not as many selections as you are probably thinking given the large file sizes…

I don’t myself, but I vaguely remember the question coming up before. I think I recall Naim saying that they haven’t tested with stores that large, so don’t recommend it, but that the size isn’t limited by any particular design choice.

Hi @JasVerlen

Can you let us know the drive you plan to put in there. In principle it should work, but we can try it here to sanity check it.

Respect for filling up a 8TB drive though!

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


His Steve thanks for the reach out. I don’t know much about drive tech so i do not have an exact answer, but i just did some research and maybe a Seagate 12 tb 3.5 inch ironwolf or ironwolf pro would be a good choice? Both are designed for NAS use.

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