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Hello folks,
A new member here but I have been reading up on most posts regarding Naim Core, Nova, Star and almost everything Naim. I have decided to get the Core and a Naim dealer has a refurbished one at a good price. I will have an internal SSD drive installed as per recommendations from you kind folks My question is what is the preferred capacity/size recommended/allowed. I am considering the Samsung 2TB 860 EVO SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD. The Core will serve as my music server paired with a possibly a Nova. I am not into the whole Roon, NAS etc.etc. I rather keep my music separate from my iMac and my photography images backed up on a DAS. Thanks.

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How many cd;s and music files do you currently have? 2 tb will hold a huge number of cd:s into a few thousand depending on file size.

As Gaza says. I have a 0.5TB SSB in my Core, with 611 albums currently and not much room left. I will change that for a 1 TB soon, just a matter of actually doing it! So a 2 TB will give you 2500 albums plus. Anyway you are choosing the right type of SSD and I wouldn’t even consider an HDD now unless I wanted a very large number of albums.



The 860 EVO is a great SSD but you could also consider the cheaper QVO. It has a lower write life but a SSD in a Core mostly reads data, write life is not that important. Both devices work well. Phil

Thanks for the info Pipdan. I reckon I will be spending hours ripping my cd library, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for a better SSD. It will be a couple of weeks before the Core is in my grubby hands so I have time to scour cheap deals on the Evo. Thanks mate!

Thanks David for your input. I figure 2TB will be fine for my cd collection and still have room to add. I uses Tidal to audition new albums and still purchase cds when I like something so 2TB will be fine for a few years before I upgrade to a bigger capacity. Thanks mate.

Honestly I haven’t sat down and count them. I do have a number of box sets too. So I think 2TB is a good start. Thanks for the input.

Remember that if you buy HiRes downloads, an album will take up much more space than a CD rip would, and suddenly 2TB doesn’t seem like a lot of space.

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Are. You planning to rip your CDs to FLAC or to WAV? I started my streaming experience with the purchase of the Naim Uniti Core and I chose to rip to WAV. I wish someone had told me about Naim’s use of a proprietary version of WAV when I bought it. It’s fine so long as you remain with Naim, but if you want to take your music library elsewhere at some point in future, the file of metadata compiled from the ripping process and your own editing will be lost. For that reason please consider carefully whether to use FLAC or WAV.

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Hi there,

FLAC is the format I intent to rip the cds to. Back it up to a portable hard drive that I can bring with me to the weekend house and connect to the KEF LS50 wireless and keep a copy there. Thank you for your advise. Appreciate the thought.

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