Naim cube to Pro-Ject turntable

I’ve just bought a Pro-Ject turntable to connect to my Naim Cube. Everything seems to connect physically, but I’m getting very low and crackly output. It may be something simple I need to press. It might not be. Any advice welcome - I know nothing!! Guy

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Hi - has the TT got a phonostage?

As Lindsay suggests, most likely you need a phono stage.

Turntable connects to that, and from there connect to the 3.5mm stereo line in socket with a suitable interconnect.

Select analog input in the Naim app.

Yes I think so. That was certainly what I thought when I bought it.

Is yours the e1 phono or the e1 bt?
E1 phono - put switch to “line out”
E1 bt - use line out sockets.

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It’s the E1-Phono. How do I put switch to line out?

There’s a switch underneath.


Oh my god - AMAZING!! You have saved Christmas and New Year!!! THANKYOU!!


No problem, an easy thing to overlook.
Have a good one!


Well done

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