Naim DAC – Can't Select Between Input 1 & 2

I have an ND5XS into an nDAC (input 1) and a WiiM Pro into the same nDAC (input 2). Previously, I could switch between the streamers with the ‘1’ & ‘2’ buttons on the nDAC. However, now, with both streamers playing, pressing the ‘2’ button doesn’t switch to the WiiM Pro, it just keeps playing the output from the ND5XS… any ideas what’s going on…?

From my nDac manual:

“With no USB device docked, S/PDIF inputs are selected by using the front panel input selection buttons. The handset 7,8,9 and 0 keys will also select inputs 1,2,3 and 4 respectively (handset in preamplifier mode).”

Hope that helps.


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Are they definitely using different input channels? There are 4 inputs; each optical input 1/2/3/4 also has a coax or bnc input above it, and these are also inputs 1/2/3/4.

According to the manual description, you can have eg input 1 optical and input 1 bnc connected to 2 separate devices simultaneously, but if they are both playing, only one of them will “win”, being the one that was connected first.


Not the best picture, but you can see that both streamers are connected using 75-ohm coax, ND5 into input 1 and WiiM Pro into input 2:

Why it’s stopped switching between streamers is really puzzling me. I did add a HeadLine to one of the tape sockets on the NAC 32.5, but disconnecting it doesn’t change anything…

The analogue out cable is connected to the streamer, not the DAC.


Doh! This is the answer, innit?

Oh, sh1t!!! Thar would certainly explain it… Thanks, guys!!!


This has got to be a contender for a ‘Connection Howler of The Year’ thread!

Glad it’s sorted :slightly_smiling_face: