Naim DAC Remote operation

Hi All,

I have been reading everywhere that it is possible to Control the N-DAC via normal remote in “preamp” mode. With my NAC82 remote and my Flash this is not possible it seems. I have an 82, not a 282 so don’t have “System Automation” - is that what’s needed? The Manual doesn’t say anything useful at all

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance

Yes, what you need is system automation, which the newer preamps, including the 282, have.

From the DAC manual:

but when i press 7,8,9 or 0 Nothing happens. Is there an IR Receiver in the DAC, or do i Need a newer preamp

Can i make a Receiver that plugs into the IR in socket?

Is your remote set to preamp?

The remote would have to be set to PRE for this to work

And be a new “black” remote. My 82 remote won’t operate the DAC.

DAC input control works on the two remotes on the right, but not the one on the left.

Thanks for the info. So the DAC has an infra red sensor and doesn’t need the system automation after all?


As the DAC didn’t come with a remote and my NAC82 remote won’t operate it I was wondering if the RC5 codes were available (I’ve found them for the HDX) and for occasion use I could then operate the DAC remotely if I was to purchase an programmable remote.

I didn’t know that, interseting.

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