Can anyone give any suggestion for these two DAC? My friend working in the film industry told me that the RME DAC is really nice. But I have cdx2+202/200+HCDR already and wanna play music from computer as well. Any suggestions?

I know nothing of the RME DAC, but on a practical level, you need to consider how you would connect an NDAC to your computer. Naim’s V1 DAC was designed with computer audio in mind, and has a USB input, but the NDAC does not, so you really need an SPDIF source, or a USB to SPDIF converter.

Hi Desmond , I’ve heard the RME ADI 2 Pro which is the Studio version into some Active ATC’s and it was stunning . A dealer I respect highly swears by the ADI -2 . If I was in the market for a new DAC I’d certainly check it out but its worth remembering its not just a DAC , its a Pre amp too if need be . As Chris says in Naim world you’d be looking at the DAC V1 but with due respect given its age I’d look elsewhere .

There is a new Naim release in about a weeks time so who knows that could a new DAC ??

Apart from Naim or RME and at similar price points I’d look at a Chord Qutest or Benchmark DAC 3B .

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