Naim dbl and Roksan TMS3

My system is 6 x 135 ,52, dbl active, and Cdx2, full naca5.

I found the sound is on the bright sound, m looking for tt , hope the sound is not so bright.

Found a used tms3, are this deck matching dbl ? As you see dbl sound is forward and aggressive.

I hope you guys can point me the right way.
Thank you.


Well I can’t comment on the DBLs but the TMS3 is one of the best TTs ever made.



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The DBLs are definitely not one of the best TTs every made… :scream: But they’re definitely one of the very best speakers :flushed: :innocent:

A lot will depend on the set-up of all components in what should be a wonderful system. What cartridge are you using, Gab? Also, when where the amps last serviced?

The CDX2 can be bright and piano notes can ring unnaturally. Put it on a steel framed rack and let the cables touch it and maybe a hard floor and that’s what you get. Put it on wood or best full Fraim and let the cables hang free and it’s a much more pleasant proposition. A good turntable might still show it up a bit though.

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It could be an idea to try before an « old » Naim CD player such as CDS or CDS2.
In my opinion, a single player is not at his best in such a big system!
Source FIRST…

A TMS3 in good condition with a decent arm and moving coil cartridge is one of the very best sources you could ever use. It can far exceed the capability of a Naim CDS3/555PS and I say this as a former owner of that very Naim CD player.

The TMS3 is an awesome music maker.

Best regards, BF

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Do the amps need serving ? I’ve found they sound much brighter when this is the case
If not, sounds like you need to adjust the Snaxo pots


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