Naim DIN to RCA repair?

Is it possible to repair this? How does it go together?
Yes, I know I’m clumsy :relaxed:

Thank you in anticipation

Oh dear. Yes it can be repaired but (and please don’t take this the wrong way) I’d suggest if you’re needing to ask how to do it, it would be worth getting your dealer to repair it for you.


LOL, no I won’t take it the wrong way. When my dealer delivered it with the SN3 last September he did the exact same thing and replaced it with this one when he made another delivery to me last December.
Right, next time I’m up there, I’ll drop it off.

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Can it be repaired…? Yes, definitely.

Could I do it…? Yes, definitely…

Could you do it…? Yes… but you will need to put some effort in…

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Hi @IanRobertM,
Thank you for your reply.
“Could you do it…? Yes… but you will need to put some effort in…”

Me thinks from this sentence good eyesight would be required. If so, I’ll let the dealer do it, I can’t work out how the conductors are, my eyesight is crap.
Thank you.

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You have assessed the risks - and come to a conclusion - which may be valid for you.

Such a repair to a lead is certainly within my own capabilities - and probably likely a few other forum members. But - no shame in recognising your limits.


I tried to repair one of these, but failed miserably. Just couldn’t get the solder to melt in the inner plug for the small wire to affix it correctly.


May i enquire how you managed to break both plugs off?

You need a big enough soldering iron, a steady hand and excellent eyesight to repair things like that. A friend gave me a Chord interconnect which had a break like that and although I did manage to repair it, it was very difficult and wouldn’t win me any prizes at soldering school end of term assembly!

In that enquiry I hear the voice of my late, much missed father :grinning:

Well, the Rega Aria phono preamp is situated in a cupboard, I reached behind and over the top of the Aria, to remove the RCA but obviously grabbed the cable and pulled. Easy peasy.
In mitigation, my dealer did exactly the same thing but he did it first.
This is the replacement cable that he provided.

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I managed to damage mine, I managed to repair (it was not me though who did the soldering) with different RCA plugs - the same ones that come with the hi-line RCA to DIN - the WBT RCA connectors.

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