Naim Distributor South East Asia

I heard that Naim is consolidating the distributor for South East Asia and that this will be combined with distribution in Australia. A company based in Australia will take over distribution for both Australia & South East Asia. Any truth to this ? Who should I write to to get the latest on this ? More importantly, who will now provide support for me ? I own a fair bit of Naim gear and I worry. Thanks.

Only way to find out Joe is to email Naim HQ in Salisbury, they may assist

But usually confidential until formally announced

But yes it’s a bit of a worry re servicing especially if something major goes wrong.

Lots of expertise has disappeared recently but hopefully over time replaced

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I might add the distributor here in Australia is also the New Zealand distributor

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I’m not sure if this is accurate, but from what I have heard, Naim Singapore will handle sales for South East Asia. Moving forward, country distributors will course their orders here rather than from the UK. Not also sure if this arrangement is already operational.

Will this set up impact turnaround time as well as pricing because now there will be a “middle man” rather than directly dealing with the manufacturer?

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