Naim + Dyson

Just discovered that the vol ▲ button on my Naim remote(s) also turns on my Dyson bladeless fan. Quite handy at times – except the vol ▼ button doesn’t turn the fan off again.

Perhaps this can be addressed in a future update? :nerd_face:


Naim/Dyson system automation – cool.

No pun intended. :wink:


Naim use an established protocol - Philips RC5 - used by many other manufacturers and on thousands if not millions of bits of kit. It would appear from what you’re saying here that Dyson may have used a protocol that clashes with it. I would guess it’s more an issue for Dyson to resolve.

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Update: it only happens when the Dyson & Naim remotes are close to each other.

Still slightly surprised – there must be cases where remotely controlling one piece of kit & accidentally activating another is potentially hazardous?

Yes, it’s not good practice, hence why there are established protocols like RC5.

Yes I had these sorts of issues when I did a home demo of a Linn akurate DS. Firstly with just the NAP300 then with the NAC252 and NAP300. It was rather annoying to say the least. Especially when you add the marantz AV receiver to the mix. That also applied to the power on/off. In the end too many conflicts and the Linn not having certain streaming features that I wanted w.r.t. wired and non wired.
That’s one reason why I settled on the Auralic which also sounds great.
The idea with the Linn was also to reduce the box count to 2 Linn boxes. Shame really and I still have many many boxes :smiley:
It was a winter demo so I did not need the Dyson in the room as well LoL

I run an Akurate DSM through my NAC 52 based setup and some judicious tweaking of the Logitech Harmony setup allowed me to get around those issues.

No doubt and maybe I have up too easily.

To move from all the Naim boxes I have, including the integration of home cinema (which adds two big boxes to the naims), the akurate DSM with the works to include a home cinema component would have required the addition of an exactbox I. I did not get to that stage, just demoing the DSM. I thought it was very good but had the inconvenience of wired connections everywhere. The control app was ok but nothing exceptional.
The difficulties of offloading my Naim together with the purchase of the full Monty Linn was also not an interesting proposition even though I got all my Naim stuff serviced (No DR upgrades).
So the I heard through the grapevine about Auralic and it has everything I could possibly want. Ok it added an extra box to the Naim but I think I can live with that.

Could be worse:

Situation: Ops room of a nuclear missile submarine:

Captain: “Exec, it’s a bit cold in here.”
Exec: “Sure, I’ll turn the heat up Captain.”
Captain: “Err, Weps, why have all our missiles just launched?”


If the BBC decide to drop “today” from R4 in 2027 then it may just happen!


Poorly thought out remote controls :smiley:

A bit too much US submarine terminology there for my liking!

The Tactical Trigger on a Trident boat looks like a Scalextric controller so would, mercifully, be unlikely to be mistaken for the thermostat.


Interesting. Wondering what would require an Exaktbox?

Mine is used for A/V as well, though I wouldn’t call my setup “home cinema” as I think of that term (it’s just a nice OLED TV and my main stereo for sound). The Akurate DSM is thus used only as a source and as a DAC/switcher for the HMDI sources, but everything is in the same racks, so it was not a problem to wire it. However, I wanted to keep the 52 as a preamp given so much of my listening is analog, and that’s where it became clear that a few of the remote commands overlap. I ended up having to program the Harmony to send the commands in the right order to get it to do what I needed, but since I already used it anyway, this wasn’t a big deal for me.

Of course it’s American terminology, you don’t expect the British to make that kind of mistake do you?


Depends if the UK completely reverts to the imperial measurements back from the metric system.
In that case there might be more serious consequences than just crashing into Mars :stuck_out_tongue:
In the end I suppose diplomacy is the best policy :wink:

Unfortunately I did not finish successfully the first stage of the demo using DSM into NAP300. If I restricted myself to 2 channel then I could have stayed with that. The exactbox I, from what I understand from the very nice presentation on Linn docs wiki, would be needed to supply the power amps for the remaining channels of the home cinema centre and rear speakers. Given that the DSM was an all in one (bar some important features to me) it could be used to connect a smart TV and bluray player or future video streaming unit if one ever went down that route.
I was quite excited initially to reduce the whole box count down to 3 plus LP12. Of course the linto would also have gone because akurate DSM has a reasonable quality phonostage comparable to the linto from what I understand. Of course I would have needed to upgrade from lingo 2 to lingo 4 which does not take up much space.
The very attractive part of the Linn was that it was a very well thought out modular design without the need to have alot of heavy boxes

Sometimes planes approaching our little airport open my garage door……

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That’s what I call door to door service

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I never considered running my LP12 through the DSM because, well, digital.

As I said, I do use it for video, and run a BD player, a Roku and a gaming PC through mine, but if surround is something important to you, I also don’t think the DSM is a good choice as it is a lot more limited than a real A/V receiver.

The story just got stranger.

Moved to a new house a few weeks ago. Main system (& Dyson) in living room; Unitiqute 2 in the bedroom.

Was woken up rather abruptly at 6am this morning by LBC news on the Unitiqute. The Unitiqute was in theory muted (to turn off logo) and the Naim remote was laying untouched a couple of metres away. Mobile phone with Naim app was similarly uninvolved, in sleep mode on the bedside table.

Only other active devices in the room were a Daikin air conditioner and a Xiaomi air purifier.

Most obvious conclusion is that the house is haunted.

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