Naim equipment and permanent connection to the electricity network

It is a topic that will have already been covered several times.

But I still can’t understand what to do.

Is it true that to have a satisfactory sound quality in full, you must always keep Naim equipment connected to electricity?

How? Leaving the devices on but without any music?



Is this true with current Naim “DR” series devices or this was true only with the previous Naim devices ?

My system is a 282 DR / 250 DR / Hi CAP DR / NDS / 555PSDR / HILINE / POWERLINE / FRAIM

and looking forward to improving with another HiCap for 282 or a Supercap

Several times? Probably hundreds if not thousands. The search function is your friend here. The general advice is to leave it on unless there is risk of lightning, in which case you should unplug from the mains. Engage mute if you want, though I don’t. If you use 100% renewable electricity then there is no impact on global warming.

As I specified in my post I would like to know if something has changed from the past or if the new generations of Naim “DR” equipment must also be turned on permanently too.

I have 6 kw of photovoltaic at home but I don’t like wasting electricity with devices that are always on even when not in use.

In any case there is a no-load electrical consumption.

Why am I forced to keep my Naim equipment on all the time?

Is it advisable to always keep the preamplifier and sources turned on or everything?

I understand that I can turn them off in the event of a thunderstorm.

But I don’t always live closed inside the house and if a storm happens when I am for example 1000 km from my house, should I go home to turn off my Naim?

This applies to all Naim stuff, but nobody is forcing you. You’ll get a more consistent performance if it’s left on for long periods.

You used the word “forced” to leave it switched on - it is a recommendation that is all.

You aren’t forced to do so - neither by Naim nor anyone else. If you want, just switch off. But like most hifi electronics, to reach optimum performance a bit of warm up is usually a good idea. Power amps generally like at least 30 minutes, pre-amps and sources often longer.

I generally leave most of my kit powered up, but switch off the power amp if unless I’m certain I’ll be listening that day and there are no thunderstorms forecast. I also switch off everything (and unplug) if I’m going away anywhere overnight or longer.

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When I lived in a rural area with overhead power cables I was much more concerned about potential damage from lightning and would unplug equipment if a thunderstorm was likely. Now living in an urban area with all the mains supply buried underground I am much less concerned about lightning strikes causing a spike that will reach my house. Because of this I now mostly leave my equipment plugged in and powered up unless I am going away for several days or more. Of course I now realise having said this, famous last words could apply and I will live to regret my complacency.

It’s not just Naim, the advice has been around for years to leave electronic equipment powered up even when not in use. It maintains a steady temperature across the components instead of them warming up & cooling down on each use, and avoids mains spikes on powering up. A Naim 300 amp is a bugger for that, it needs a quick stab at the power switch to switch it on or it’s likely to knock out the ring main MCB on start-up.

If you use Type C breakers it won’t do that.

Another reason for Naim to be a chuffing pain then.

An amp sir? Certainly - here you go, that’ll be 8 grand pls.

Stage whisper off - “ho ho. Wait till he finds out it won’t work to its potential without a more expensive mains lead, a shelf made of unicorn horns to stand it on and all the cables have to be just so. And it’ll black his house out when he switches it on unless he even begins to wonder if his consumer unit is all good”


Don’t want to alter the direction of this thread but the above statement is not correct…

Indeed…simple thermodynamics.
My power amps sleep after a while of no signal.
My other components are only slightly above room temperature when not operating.
But…they sound MUCH better if left on.

I think that’s unduly cynical - all I was advising is that if you have Type C breakers then this won’t happen. Anyway, despite the points you raise, you still bought it, so is the joke on you as well as me?

It’s up to the purchaser how they take into account all of the factors that they perceive to be relevant.

Flippancy doesn’t translate well into written text. :wink:

If it were £399 of Curry’s finest that might be true, but I take the view that a little bit of tweaking is to be expected; a Fraim + Powerline to get anywhere closer to its potential isn’t.

My start point was “I have a 5i amp & matching cd player. What’s the upgrade path?”. This was before I understood the hierarchy and all the extras. I’ll admit to being naive but surely that’s where the dealer could have been helpful, rather than just flogging me the stuff I walked out with 2 weeks later. Live & learn, but it certainly cost a bit more than expected.

Anyway. Mine stays plugged in and switched on. OP - it’s entirely your choice.

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