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Hey guys, does anyone know or can give an idea how long it maybe for naim to send some products to naim North American? The reason for the question, I ordered a nap200dr and after a little over a week waiting for a shipping notice. I was told by my dealer it was out of stock at naim North American headquarters and they couldn’t give any timeframe of when it might be back in stock.

Naim deliveries have been effected by Covid lock down
I’m a dealer in Canada and for some products the wait has been longer then normal
Don’t forget the case work is not always in stock at Naim HQ so many factors can come into play right now.
I’m sure Naim is doing there best to ship product out as quickly as possible and get stock levels up.


Also some shipments are bulked at the factory and sent together rather than 1 by 1, particularly when overseas, depending on the customer. Add to this, some products are built to order while others are built to stock.
So many factors.

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As Steve notes above, the Covid situation has had a big affect on all areas of supply and logistics, from input right through to output. It’s annoying but I know that everybody will be doing all they can to get stuff built and shipped, it just may take longer than usual. You’re best bet is to keep in touch with your dealer who will in turn be in close touch with your distributor, who will have the best information available. I’m sure it will be well worth it.

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Hello @Richard.Dane
Question regarding a future overhaul : does Naim have, in its international representatives, any local maintenance / review agreement? or everything must be sent to Salisbury for any changes regarding components?

And talking about The Factory: in normal times does any client get the chance to make a visit to the factory and/or can he make a direct purchase of equipment there?
( just curious)


AFAIK, most of the bigger distributors will have some kind of official local service arrangement, meaning that kit will not have to be returned to Salisbury. However, some things may have to go back to the factory. Best to contact your distributor to find out what they can and cannot do. Failing that, get in touch with Naim and ask them what is the best course of action.

In normal times, factory visits are best when arranged through a dealer or distributor - that way resources are best allocated for the visit and you’ll get the best experience. It may be that Naim might be able to give a quick short tour as a one-off, given enough notice but you would need to contact Naim to see what can be done. Obviously at the moment, it’s not possible while the Covid situation continues.

As for direct purchases from the factory, AFAIK this is not possible as all purchases are made through dealers who can offer you the best service and support.


In general, what I initially thought.
Thanks you for the time, as always.

These delays are happening everywhere and it’s just something we need to live with. My speakers took a bit longer because crossover components were delayed, and some speaker stands I was interested in were delayed because the guys who actually cut the metal went down with the virus. We have got used to incredibly fast deliveries - Blue Jeans cables can leave Seattle on a Tuesday and be delivered in the U.K. on Thursday morning. It only takes one thing to wrong and the effects ripple all the way through the supply chain. So many are struggling to keep things going and the best thing we can do is simply be understanding and wait. It will come good in the end.

The NAD C658 streamer/pre I had before was faulty, went to service early June, and never came back… They cited supply problems with a chip and after waiting for 4 months I pulled the trigger and purchased the 252/SCDR new and the NDX2/555DR used from my dealer. Being lucky, the 252/SC were delivered within a week, I think they were stocked by the distributor. And what a good decision it was.

Goes to show how in these times it can hit everyone, and I believe that NAD is a considerably bigger manufacturer (?). NAD said the same chip they were waiting on is used by other hifi manufacturers and they are all in trouble. Naim seems to be doing well, considering. Fingers crossed and best of luck to the folks

Thanks for all the replies, I know in the long run I’ll have a great system! It’s the not having any idea when that gets to you. I know they don’t want to give a time frame and then miss it and upset customers. But it would be nice to have some idea of when it will arrive. Until then I’ve got my 202 in place and space open on the rack for 200. And I’m using my marantz receiver for music duties breaking in my node2i.
The marantz is good enough to keep me going till then.
Not the quality of the Naim separates, but it will hold me over.

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