NAIM firmware version

Maybe the answer is given before, but I didn´t find it.

How do I find out which one I’ve got on my Qute 2 ?
Not the version of the Naim app, of course.
Thks in advance.

Yes its been posted many times before …
On the Naim app screen … touch the tools icon (gear wheel) in the top right corner,
On the popup box touch ‘About’ then see streamer version, the number is the firmware rev.

It says 2.19.2

Should be 4.7 or something, I had already upgrade it…

A factory reset maybe ?

What does the unit itself say?
Spanner on remote, then option 11 factory settings, then option 1 system status, then see number 29.

Are you sure ?.. If you’ve updated it then it will read 4.7.00
Are you reading the wrong line, BSL version maybe? this is 2.1.9 on my NDX

What do you mean by “spanner on remote” ? Don´t understand that…

Jeez why do all this, its just so much simpler on the app … no need to get out of the chair

The spanner …

Or your App is not my App, or your streamer is not my streamer

Just press ‘about’ on the app, as Mike and Robert showed you above, and you’ll see it under ‘streamer version’. This is what my UnitiQute shows:

Ok ! Now I got it, both ways, via App and Remote. The info was there but hidden under submenus and scroll down. My fault. Thks for your help.
So my Qute2 is with the last release firmware release.
Now I´m returning to the major problem. I had a router upgrade from the IP provider, a 500Mb, and TIDAL breaks up after some time.
Iradio ok, upnp ok, I already upgrade the local switch, that acomodates the Qute2 and the NAS, play some music on Tidal and after some minuts… Nothing.
What can be the cause ?

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