Naim FLAC Radio Stations – Metadata Still Coming?

Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere – I did have a brief read around incl the original thread when the FLAC streams from Naim were announced back in '20, but didn’t come across any recent updates…

Is Metadata track info finally going to come with Naim’s own stations as promised or has this been abandoned now…?

I know it’s a fairly minor thing, but drives me nuts not knowing what is playing and the stations are often a great way to discover music and artists I don’t know…Most of my iRadio listening tends to be RP, but I do flick the Naim stations on occasionally, but I do find it off putting not having the info, especially on the Jazz station…! And no, I don’t find reaching for Shazam each and every time a particularly satisfying solution…! :crazy_face:

Other than that, the stations sound fantastic :notes:


The Artist - Track is shown on the AAC streams, just not the FLAC.

I wasn’t aware there was a FLAC stream till I saw your post.

Yes, I knew/know the info is in the lower resolution streams, it always has been…but has yet to be implemented in the FLAC streams….

Apparently it was in the works, but was being held up around issues on how best to implement as there’s no real standard in place and there were a couple of different methods in the way it could be done….which results in compatibility issues….

Don’t really understand why the method RP have implemented can’t be followed, i.e Shoutcast….it works fine with the RP FLAC streams and is compatible with Naim streamers……

Any update on the situation @Stevesky @NaimMarketing …?


There is metadata on the FLAC stream in Roon

See here


In fact, there has been much work undertaken on the Roon Internet Radio feeds to have metadata on many of them. There is also a feature request submitted to take the Artist/Album feed for the ‘Now Playing’ and Roon Display feeds.

Just saying….

So where is Roon getting the metadata from if indeed it’s not embedded in the Vorbis container stream from Naim….?

Extracted from the feed on the regular format and applied over, I susect.

See Live Radio metadata for 100+ stations incl. BBC, Radio France, FLAC radios and more - Live Radio - Roon Labs Community

So I guess from the radio silence (!) on this, metadata info isn’t going to be implemented on the Naim stations on the FLAC streams after-all……?

@Naim.Marketing – is this user name still in use at Naim ?


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