Naim/Focal Package Offers

I’ve got my Naim newsletter in my Inbox, and there are some bundles of Naim/Focal at special offer prices at the moment. The three sets are:
Uniti Atom - Aria 906
Uniti Atom - Aria 926
Uniti Star - Kanta No. 2
Prices aren’t on the Focal link.
Stereonet has prices, but I assume you’d need to check in-store for confirmation.

Sorry if this has already been posted, I couldn’t see it anywhere. @Richard.Dane, if it’s a duplicate please just delete it.

Eoin, according focal site page linked above, it says that prices are available in-store - I guess because the offer covers a number of different territories;

*Prices available in store. Cables not supplied. Offer valid from 1st September 2019 while stocks last. See terms and conditions in participating stores.

Thanks Richard, I missed that, looking at Stereonet and assuming they’re right, they’re quite tempting bundles at UK prices.

Interesting to see what combinations they’ve chosen.
Am I the only one thinking the jump from Atom to Star is very different from the one between the 926 and the Kanta no.2. Although maybe it also has to do with Focal’s gap between the 948 and the Kanta.

Uniti Star and Kanta no. 2, available at a special price from Mullets’r’Us.



I use Kanta 2’s with 552/300!

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