Naim + Focal

Proud owner of Naim CD5 SI + SN2 + StageLine + Hi Cap, I recently bought a pair of Focal Diablo Utopia.
Any suggestion for best cabling integration (presently with VDH 102/ CS 122)?
I have to say that, even if Focal loudspeakers are still in break in mode, the sonic results are stunning.
Thanks and regards


Welcome. I wouldn’t change anything until everything is run in.

Cables are the least of your concern. The Diablo needs a lot more than a Supernait 2, and the CD player is hopelessly out of its depth. I wonder if you got any dealer advice before assembling such an unbalanced setup.


A warm welcome to NaimWorld™ @Cosca :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new set.

Many of us here are happy with Naim’s standard speaker wires. It’s known as NACA5. Hope that helps.


Well, I am sincerely satisfied with the set up especially considering that SN2 is backed up by the Hi Cap DR and CD player seems appropriate to me. My doubt was around cables that are pretty vintage.

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And if I compare Diablos with my previous B&W 805s….

HH is perfectly right, a CD5i has no place with a Supernait as its the weakest entry level source, the amp is underdog for the speakers.
Surpriced its stunning, I’d say it the most unbalanced purchase bar none.


Well, the OP has actually heard the SN2 / Diablo combination in his room and thinks it sounds great.
I’d take that over someone I doubt has heard it any day of the week.


Everything is relative. I agree the system is unbalanced, and in my experience Focal speakers need to be closely matched with a similar level amp to perform at their best. The OP clearly loves the sound, so good on him. I would rephrase the criticism as - your speakers will sound even better with a matching amp and source, and consider this before changing cables.

And welcome Cosca.


I agree, the speakers are probably best suited to a 500 level system.
I personally couldn’t live with a system that unbalanced, I’d always be thinking about how they “should” be sounding with the balanced electronics they ultimately require.

I am interested how you arrived at this setup?

Just loved Focal and compared Sopra with Utopia.
Decided for the best.
That’s all.
Again I toured all classical music halls of the world and I think I have a good sense of what a Steinway or Fazioli sound looks like.
Sorry to have stimulated a discussion on the set up while looking only for suggestions on cables.


Certainly, but that shouldn’t keep others from expressing their own view.

I wonder why you choosed such expensive speakers with relatively modest electronics.
13k speakers with 3,5 k integrated, even with additional hicap. And an entry level source.
You could have 282/ hicap/ 250 and Ndx2, and 3/4 k speakers for the same total investment, and really really better sound.

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Rather than dis the guy who has dropped heaven knows how much on our hobby, anyone else care to attempt to reply to the question asked?


Thanks for the proactive criticisms.
Well, any visitor even with greater set up than the ones suggested in these emails, was sympathetic.
I guess we can close here this saga.

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Congratulations for the Utopia. They are one of the best speakers in the world. You should be delighted for sure.

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My personal view would be stick with the cables you have while the speakers break in, it sounds like you’re loving the music you hear. Maybe try Naim NAC A5 after the speakers are broken in, or if you’re still loving it get some nice wine (or beverage of your choice) with the money instead and kick back and enjoy the music.
Personally I’d be tempted to look at upgrading the source eventually, but if you’re loving it then that’s what’s important.


@Cosca welcome. There’s a completely outdated ideology around here that a system has to be built from the front end. Would your speakers sound better with a CD555/552/500 sure they would but the SN is an amazingly good amp. And in my system my Nat 05 tuner is every bit the = of my Xerxes and CDS3. Enjoy your system, you’re obviously a great music enthusiast.

Oh cable, Naca A5 or Chord Odyssey.




New to the Forum. Asks for advice on cables, gets roasted…… nice one people.


Yes, I went for my Totem Forest Signatures for end speakers. They were fine with a Nova, better with a SN2 and better again with a 252/250. But they were always fun and engaging in any of the setups for enjoying music, which is all that counts really.

Cables, NAC A5 if you can handle the stiffness, otherwise Chord is great with Naim.