Naim + Focal

I agree the magnificent Diablos deserve better.

hi Cosca, I have Focal Diablos too with naim equipment, about cable I can advice to you for Nac A5 as speaker cable, interconnect tellurium qblack din (qblack diamond is better but is also very expensive), as power cable, I’,m very happy with powerline and neutral cable fascino, powerline is more dark and neutral cable more detailed, In my opinion you must choose about your target. Is also true that Diablo’s with better equipment will play better, but sn2 with hicap dr is very good because in my experience sn2 is quite relaxed and hicap dr give speed, transparency and detail. The source is objectively back the other equipment.

Thanks all.
I never expected such a comprehensive, professional and holistic participation by the audience.
And it did suggest as well hints and areas of improvement…


Ok that’s a new one and potentially dangerous :face_with_monocle:

Another speaker cable I can recommend is the AudioQuest Rocket 22. Very open and settles fast. I have several lengths short and long to experiment with amplifiers and speakers. The one in the picture beautifully terminated in gold.

In this case make sure to talk to AQ and check if the 22 also requires a special Naim version.

From what I can understand from ckcage79’s post, the NACA5 is being used as a speaker cable (power {amp} cable). I would guess that the translation to English was not the best.


I am using Rocket 22 cables with Naim and Dynaudios at the moment. No heating, no humming, no need to talk to anybody. A nice breeze.

Surely this was the case and I was half kidding, and half didn’t want to let it stand like this because who knows what future readers of the thread will try :slight_smile:

yes Richard, I can confirm. Also that the english translation is not the best :slight_smile: Now previous post has been modified. I’m sorry for mistake.


Feel free. Others had serious issues with certain AQ cables, so. I think if AQ decide to put a warning on the website, they will know why.

Maybe it does not apply to the 22, but then there is no warning for AQ Type 5 either, and ask airedog about how much his Nova liked that one.

In any case, every time someone complains about overheating amps it turns out to be some Kimber, Cardas, or AQ cable. (And some AQ are surely fine but others definitely are not. In particular the Rockets come in different configurations, such as single bi-wire which is the opposite of what Naim amps want)

I remain in love with the Diablos, they surely deserve the best.

I wasn’t saying that they didn’t

Hi Cosca, this observation is not aimed a you or your point, but I struggle to understand the level of near anger that sometimes finds its way on to a forum thread for no real obvious reason generated from a simple question or statement, or am I in the wrong area? Oh no it affects all threads at sometime or another!! Has any one else noticed?

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Of course and my post was not a reaction against your post, I apologize if it looked like that.

I am also trying to google the supposed warning from AQ but I was unable to find it, perhaps it is only in a Dutch or German site. Instead I found the following in What Hi-Fi? about the Rocket 22:

But given a few days of use, the Rocket’s sonic presentation opens up considerably. We use it as part of our reference stereo set-up – Naim NDS/555PS streamer, Gamut D3i/D200i amplifier and ATC SCM 50 speakers – as well as with Naim’s Uniti Star and a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 speakers with consistent and pleasing results.

This seems to contradict your warning. We should be very careful with this kind of generalizations that can easily harm a reputation. Another cable I like and use is Kimber Kable, by the way.

I have noticed and it is nice to feel I am not alone. When it happens I go to my room, listen to my music and say a little pray. At the end I find it amusing.

I hope for other people is also therapeutic.

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A lovely way to deal with it my friend, just can’t understand why such anger can exist over ‘nothing’

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I didn’t generalize and explicitly wrote “some AQ are surely fine”. But I agree that we must be careful with generalizing that all cables are OK because some clearly aren’t, for Naim amps. You can search the forum for all the posts about overheating amps due to inappropriate cables.

You’d have to take it up with AQ regarding why they put the warning only on the Dutch website.

Naim publishes the recommended cable specs and I will never understand why some people insist on using the opposite. But if they do, it’s up to them, but they should be aware, so I see nothing wrong with an appropriate warning.

Hang around here a bit more @Cosca , this thread is ‘quiet’, even restrained, compared to some :grinning:

The issue at hand:

1- If you haven’t looked at this already, I’d suggest you check this link on this 'site:

Speaker Cable for Naim power amplifiers - Frequently Asked Questions - Naim Audio - Community

Be mindful of twisted cables - and it seems some manufacturers don’t state the specifications of their cables.

2- How long do your speaker cables need to be?

3- a good starting point with Naim is to use NACA5, as it’s ‘fast’ and relatively inexpensive but not greatly detailed when compared to others. With a (superb & highly revealing and ‘efficient’ in power terms) Focal Be tweeter on the end of it, it can sound bright/perhaps edgy. The Tellurium cables tend to offer greater detail to my ears and take the edge off the top-end of the sound - but some are expensive e.g. the Ultra-Black.

A regards your speakers and kit, the key question and aspect for consideration is whether your speakers fit to your listening environment very well (they obviously do per your post), with the sub-set question of do you want to improve the system further down the line? - which, given the cost of the speakers, suggests there could be more spend to come? If you haven’t already worked it out, this is a place where it’s very easy to spend another person’s money!!!

The great thing is that you have a speaker where the replay can be improved/upgraded quite significantly – and the only ears which count here are yours.

As others have said, the orthodoxy is usually to spend more on the source(s) and amplifier(s) - that is, information which isn’t originated/extracted from/by a source component cannot be recovered down the chain of replay. Better source = better replay.

This is all relative, in that what you’ve got sounds good to you, but please be assured there’s more that can be delivered from the Focals.

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It’s ugly, looks like a stormtrooper