Naim forum on DDG

I very rarely use the forum on my iPhone 12 Mini but when I do I use it on Duck Duck Go. I note that there is no option to mark all topics as read as there is when I do the same on iPad. Just me?

I would guess this is down to the way DDG works, i.e. blocking some of the platform functions.

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Thanks @Richard.Dane. I will both query it with them and try it on Safari on my iPhone.

My biggest use of the forum is on ,y iPad Pro via DDG so I’d be surprised if there’s something specifically disabled for iPhone which isn’t for iPad but I guess it’s always worth the ask.

Would it not be easier to just access the forum on your lPad via the dedicated app, rather than a browser?

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I use DDG (on Windows 11, macOS Ventura, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16)
there is no problem.
If you click on “NEW”, then you have the “DISMISS NEW” option.

The whole point of DDG is not to have anything that can be tracked, so some things not functioning like remembering things is hardly surprising, though if it works on your phone but not iPad that does seem odd, but perhaps not anything to do with the forum itself (Discourse).

I would recommend you use the App as you should get a much better experience that way.

Nope. I’ve found the app to not be especially good at accessibility. Browser access is much more versatile. Also, as per the original post I am talking about those rare occasions when I use my phone to access. Overwhelmingly I use the forum on my ipad but in bored moments I look on the phone and have always been surprised that I can’t do this.

There is no problem for you. I am on iOS 16 on an iPhone 12 Mini and there is explicitly a problem there. The functionality you describe simply doesn’t show up on screen. Out of interest o tried the same on my sons iPhone 14 and he couldn’t see an option either.

When I get a moment after work I will happily post screen shots.

Yeah but why does it then work fine on DDG for iPad?

Would be good for Discourse to know this so they can work on making improvements in the future. Could you give some specifics and I’ll try to get them fed back to Discourse.

Yes, will do. I’ll try and post so,e screenshots so the contrast between phone and i[ad can be seen. At the moment I have pneumonia so this is likely my burst of online energy for much of the day.

Sorry to hear that Mike - hope you get well soon.


Having the ability to (easily) add alt text to images would be a big improvement. It’s a well known shortcoming of the platform. The more they hear about it, the more likely they are to take it seriously.

Very sorry to hear this, hope things improve

best wishes


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So the forum on DDG for iPad Pro looks like this.

Switch to iPhone. View the same forum on DDG and no Dismiss Now button.

The problem is literally that simple.

if you click on the 3 lines on the right up corner ?

It’s just a mobile view. Choose desktop view on iPhone and this is what you get


Yeah those of us with a VI need the mobile view. Not having the dismiss option there is unhelpful and ultimately basic inconsistency and poor testing.

Nothing of relevance.

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