Naim Fraim advice

What’s your system at the moment?

I loose more points, as you are a DV10X user… :frowning_face:

But… it says you have an NDS…?

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Powering 2x Bonn8. I see you have 4 levels, so much easer everything to manage and fit for you :slight_smile:

Are the Bonn 8 network switches?

Yeah but there are 10 boxes. And my Zoneripper NAS drive is off the stack to the left. So much gear! And there’s the AV system and then speaker cables going through a switch into the conservatory. I can switch main speakers and conservatory speakers and between Naim and AV system. There’s alot of cabling! And a lot of boxes!

Here’s my setup and my Morganas for fit perfectly free from the floor and unstressed.
RH Fraim from bottom = 300PS/SCDR/300 head unit


Yes, I was not saying what my system was I was suggesting layout to @Mindaugak0 .

My system is on Fraim:

Graham Slee Phono Stage Reflex M
Nac 82

Lingo 1
555PS (Non Naim)
Supercap 2

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Obviously something got lost in translation as they say :roll_eyes:

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Apologies if I’ve missed something but it looks like you need 2 x 4…

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You’re right. He needs 2 bases and 2 x 3 shelves.

So 2 Naim Fraim bases and 6 shelves. You could go Fraimlite on power supply stack for shelves. I would personally go full Fraim bases if you are going to do that.

I went mixture of used, new and ex demo. There is colour variation but managed to blend things.


Left (Sound Factory Tripod)
Lingo Mk1 (pending service at Class A…!)

Right (Isoblue)
82 (with 523 E boards - mod’ed from S, by Class A)
Olive 250 (ex CB)

[Photo pre-dates Lingo arrival…]

[extra points if you I/D the Guitar…]

[RH HC is ‘on’ - its just a bit dim… lols]


Beautiful system @IanRobertM. I love your fluted LP12.

Ever considered streaming?

I had two Olive Hicaps pre Supercap 2 and they look and sound fabulous.

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Darran does an upgrade for the Lingo 1 making it more compatible with Naim equipment by taking the filter off the IEC cable port. Might be worth a look.


What…? The Avon is nearby…

Am aware of the Lingo Mk1 Filter Mod - on To do List…

My HC’s are a bit mismatched… One is my original ex-CB converted to Olive. The other is native Olive. But both have H&F transformers…!! @Richard.Dane said it was OK…

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Get yourself a Naim streamer. You will love it. Started with ND5XS and then external DAC. NDS is very good.

Or maybe Avon is enough for you? :laughing:

Avon, Amazon, Severn… any one …
I fear Streaming would be another slippery slope… I would ‘need’ NDX2… I guess…
Only just got my LP12 back on song…

River Avon, in Rugby:

In the background in the Eleven Arches Viaduct… now disused… by trains…

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Leave the streaming for now. And enjoy your fantastic sources. You’re not ready to embark on a new voyage of expense and more shelves!! :laughing:

I will admit to knowing the current price of more Isoblue levels…
This is bad… :expressionless:
But… I will get my Lingo sorted next… :smiley:
And keep hunting for good, used LP’s…

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Tbh. I prefer my LP12 to other sources. It’s a great source of enjoyment. I love the CDS3 for CDs and the NDS is used primarily for Internet radio and playing albums from the NAS drive.

Don’t use the NAS drive as much as playing from CD though.

I guess because I have the CDS3 I want to make use of it. Does it sounds as good as NDS? Not quite. But, maybe I prefer the difference in some ways.

Enjoy the diversity of what you have!

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