Naim Fraim buying advice

Hi all

I believe I have found an ex demo fraim that I am interested in and it’s the colour I want.

If I go ahead I am concerned that there will obviously be a fair amount of small pieces that could well be missing. Other than the bearings and cups is there anything else that I need to make sure is in the boxes?

Cheers all.

Have a look in the FAQ for a post called How to Build a Fraim. @Richard.Dane has itemised the contents of the boxes.


Just download the manual from the product web page, it lists the parts included.

Mine came with a spanner, and a small 3 inch bar used to tighten up the fraim. As well as the cup and balls, glass etc.

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The spanner and 3" rod for tightening are included with Fraim base only. No reason for Naim to include them in the levels.

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