Naim Fraim Configuration

I have two (new, second-hand) Naim Fraim shelves with medium legs, so six shelf spaces in total. Four standard length and two medium length.

I’m wondering if I should keep it all on one Fraim stack or goto two Fraim stacks. Going to two stacks would mean I’d have to buy another base level which is expensive.

I have an active Olive system with 555 PS > Naim Dac > Nac 52 > Supercap 2 > Olive Supercap > Snaxo 2-4 > 4x 135’s

The Snaxo is now behind the Fraim rack on it’s own box/shelf and the 555 PS is currently on a Solidsteel rack.

So apart from the 135’s, Snaxo and 555 PS there’s only four boxes:
Nac 52
Naim Dac
Supercap 2
Olive Supercap

I was thinking of having it in the following order:

Nac 52 - Top of rack
Space - standard legs
Naim Dac - standard legs
Space - standard legs
Supercap 2 - medium legs
Olive Supercap - medium legs - Bottom of rack

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The 555ps, 2 supercaps and the power amps in one stack on the right, supercaps on the bottom. The rest on the left with 52 and Snaxo at or near the top and as distant from the DAC with its AC power as possible but you’ll have to experiment on that, the bottom or second shelf up would be my guess but so that all but power cables are off the floor. Also try any empty shelves with and without the glass, including one of each if there are two.


Thanks for your reply and input.

Going to a seven Fraim stack for amps and power supplies would mean me having to buy another base level and another three Fraim shelves on top of the five shelves and base level I already have, which I don’t really want to do.

Quick pic showing current position of Snaxo behind system.

Any more suggestions?

i would 100% get all your psu’s and amplifiers on the right if you can mate. it works a treat.

as you say you will have to get yourself another base pack but i think it would be worth it.


This is how mine is set up


That’s a great set up Damien. Looks perfect :wink:


Thank you mate, i wanted to do 3 stacks like yours but i just dont have the space.

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I’d need another base pack and another three Fraim shelves on top of the five shelves and base level I already have so that isn’t going to happen with the price that would all cost.

I could maybe get one more base layer and put the three power supplies on a separate rack/stack.

So it would be, right to left:

Stack 1. 4x 135 on Target rack
Stack 2. 3x Power Supplies on Naim Fraim
Stack 3. Naim Dac on bottom and Nac 52 on top with two empty level spaces in between on Naim Fraim

Snaxo at back like in pic above.

What about:

Nac 52 - Top of rack
Space - medium legs
Naim Dac - standard legs
Space - medium legs
Supercap 2 - standard legs
Olive Supercap - standard legs - Bottom of rack

Snaxo at back like in pic above.

This would give a lot of space between the Dac, power supplies and 52.

what about getting your none psu stuff on fraim then use one of your other racks for 135’s, supercap and anything with a psu.

i do find that separating them makes a considerable difference for dressing cables and getting things just right.

I had a stacking order question and a few people suggested having a gap between my 252 and nds…this also works really well sound wise

im still learning what works, stacking order etc but there are some really knowledgable people on here


I moved from a single to a double Fraim layout about 4 years ago when I managed to pick up a decently priced pre-loved Fraim base and experimented with various layouts over a month or so.

I eventually ended up with what you see here and have no reason to tweak further. Classic brains/brawn layout I guess? No issues with Burndy dressing.

Left Fraim: LP12/252/NDX/300DR head
Right Fraim: Aura/KRad2/300 PS/SCDR

(Speakers are Kudos Titan 606 on solid floor with Gaia 2 isolators and WH Spectre cables)


Power supplies on the right, sensitive boxes on the left! Wonky floor means I have my two stacks at angle.


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