Naim Fraim - is it worth it really?


System - 272 / non-naim PSU / 300DR sitting on a Stands Unique AV rack (top shelf = 272 & 300DR; middle shelf = CHC555 & 300PS (bottom shelf houses Isotek conditioner, AV amp & Sky box).

Been looking for a Naim Fraim to house the 4 stereo boxes above and found a little cracker recently. However, the other 'alf doesn’t want an extra rack in the lounge.

Would the Fraim make that much difference? I know the die harders out there will always say yes but I’m looking for advise ie. do I stick with what I got or do I need to treat the misses (OK bribery!) and get the Fraim?



I would imagine the Full Fraim would be better, but-by how much is uncertain as i am not familiar with your rack. The extra cost and potentially upsetting the family bliss is it worth doing? If I was in your shoes , possibly not.

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Don’t know your rack, but Fraim is superb product.
It integrates nicely with the rest of my furniture so the HiFi doesn’t draw attention to itself.

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is that one av rack?

yes, but the wider AV version!!

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i got a second hand fraimlite 4 levels for 40% reduction of price ( ex demo). Very happy with it.
I feel your rack is a bit average for the level of components you have.

hifi racks uk are a good choice too.


cheers Frenchrooster.

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I swapped my Mana setup for a Fraim setup and never regretted it for a moment. Take the plunge …

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Just to even things up a little, I demoed IsoBlue and Fraim when I upgraded from SuperUniti to current system. I could discern very little, if any, improvement. My boxes sit on carpenter constructed built-in alcove shelving. Unless you’re prepared to spend hundreds on looks rather than sound I strongly suggest trying before you buy.


I had a Stands Unique rack, mine was the one with the doors, like a cabinet and I changed to Fraim.

It was self funded as I got rid of surplus equipment, a CD player, a Naim NV-I and some surround speakers.

At the level of system that I was at (NDX 282/250) it seemed the right thing to do and I thought it would look better but was somewhat sceptical about any potential sound improvements, it seemed hard to believe that people’s claims that it was like a black box upgrade were true.

I was wrong and the improvement easily justified the cost of the Fraim. It’s worth doing and you only need to do it once so go for the best.

From this

To this


This my current set-up.


Is the glass shelf good for sound quality ?

the second hifi rack uk ( photo above) will match your speakers color.:smirk:

The Fraim is good for sound quality so on the basis that Naim have chosen glass then I suppose so.

The glass shouldn’t be taken in isolation (non pun intended) as the whole Fraim design what makes it successful.

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Yes. I had it on an unconditional loan to try it and after listening never considered returning it.


If everything else is = then yes!

shahinians, I guess obelisks? looks great!


Sort out all the non-naim stuff first ime.


Even if you don’t use Fraim, getting the HiFi on their own separate shelves and not in a rack with speakers will be easy upgrade IMO.

I’d say Fraim as I tried a few other types until I tried Fraim and it gelled so well with the Naim boxes (not a surprise) that I felt I was hearing them as they were meant to be for first time. General improvements in clarity, timing and removal of bass coloration was obvious.