Naim Fraim - is it worth it really?

Amazing isn’t it. I was a skeptic as well until I had them.

Do you lose much of the benefit of Fraim if it’s on carpet?

I would not think so. Mine is on carpet.

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Mine’s on carpet but the spikes pierce through to the floorboards

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Silent Mount SM 5T here, on carpet.
Can’t remember if there was an SQ benefit, tbh (over Naim discs) but…I see no reason to change.

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I don’t have a Fraim but…

@Josaa - which wall bracket is that? There are threads on isolation platforms and specifically on how to put an LP12 on a wall. Following much experiment, my Targett wall stand has gained a slab of granite, 4 HRS Nimbus feet and a sheet of laminated (non-Fraim) glass. I also tried Fraim balls and cups. Have you investigated any of these things?

More generally, how many of the happy Fraim-users have turntables and bouncy wooden floors? How many have added a platform, and which one? I see @JosquinDesPrez has 2 platforms, if I am interpreting the above pic (May 8) correctly.

I do. The bottom one is just the MDF board from my Solidsteel WS-5 turntable wall bracket, sitting on three HRS islation pucks. The primary reason for it is to create a big enough shelf for the rest, which is an isoAcoustics Delos turntable platform. The top of the Fraimlite isn’t large enough for the Delos.

At some point my whole system will move to pour larger living room. When thet happens I will mount and use the Solidsteel WS-5 wall shelf again. At that time I’ll decide whether or not to continue using the isoAcoustics Delos.

@JosquinDesPrez - thanks. I am guessing that the Delos and HRS feet will improve the stock Solidsteel, but (a) I still have not heard the Solidsteel shelf and (b) have done my experiments on an LP12 and leant on the results of other LP12 owners. I’d be really interested to know what you conclude when you get the shelf back on the wall.

Just read this and realised it was nearly a month ago. Hope you’ve fully recovered, Richard, without any major side effects.


I bought this great accessory on Amazon. It’s the Unger Click & Dust Flat Duster with Pivoting Handle.
It is a flat duster that easily cleans under components and between fraim shelves. It even cleans between the wood and glass shelving.
I wouldn’t be without it to clean my Fraim!



OK, but that might be a while before it happens. The other thing to consider is that your LP12 is a very different animal from my Clearaudio Ovation, and what works for one might not be conclusive or even relevant to the other.

Noted - thanks.

It is the Tigerpaw Vulkan shelf that I think now is discontinued. It is mounted on “solid” wood wall with threaded inserts. I think I have tried most options when it comes to placing the LP12: IKEA Lack on floor, Finite Elemente Reference Wall, Quadraspire wall, orher wall shelves and on top of different Hifi furniture and also different platforms. My other LP12 (a Klimaxed Stiletto) sits on a carbon fiber platform by Finite Elemente. Generally light and rigid works best and I have always preferred wall mounting when possible and then he Vuklan is the best I have tried.

Has finally arrived :star_struck:


Damn that looks good 8) Hopefully it sounds good too!!


That looks awesome. Burn in takes ages! Oh wait… maybe not.

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Thanks! I was busy almost all day with building it, now experiencing a little bit of muscle soreness :sweat_smile:

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6 x standard Fraim, 2 x Fraimlite Base?

Putting the Fraimlite shelves on top?

Let us know what you think sound wise when ready to give a verdict.

Basically that’s one Fraim standard base spread it for two with an extra glass and spikes which I have ordered. On the top are two FraimLite shelves… indeed.

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