Naim Fraim tweaks:

Hi there, I have 2 questions that I need help with:

  • can I stack a fraimlite on top of a normal fraim…does it work? Unfortunately during my last relocation the shipping company managed to lose my wooden naim shelf (I have all the other pieces sides, glass etc), so I have a hole in my rack. Buying a new fraim shelf takes me 2 months to get it here…and there is a used fraim lite I could use in the meantime…so I wonder if that works
  • Do you know if naim can sell just the wooden shelf of a fraim for cases like mine?
  • ultimately if you leave an empty shelf in the fraim rack…would you leave the glass in? If not then a fraim lite does the job. The only thing is that from the side it does look different but otherwise it seems like the shape is exactly matching?

Many thanks for insights for this sad situation!


Apologies for brevity:

  • Yes;
  • Yes I believe so;
  • With or without glass it is up to you, I use a spare shelf and for me it sounds better without the glass.

Hope that helps,


Thanks. Perfect!

Nestor, you should talk with your dealer, explain what happened with the shelf and they can order a replacement piece for you from Naim.

Regarding whether to have the glass on or off, there was much discussion about this on the old forum back in the early days of the Fraim. IIRC, the consensus was to leave the glass in place. Certainly at the factory, for any demos where there were spare unused levels, the glass was always put in place.

Hi Richard,

Thanks a lot, this is wonderful news. Let me speak to the dealer here, knowing that this is possible, and not far-fetched!

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