Naim Fraim

Anybody know how many boxes the naim fraim will hold i mean max amount.

You mean Naim Fraim ’
In a thread from 2019 Naim Fraim heights?

Richard says … a single stack should not exceed a base and 6 standard levels or 2 extended levels

OK I have 6 boxes but all depends on the price.

With your system you’d be strongly advised to have two stacks, one for the head units and one for the power supplies. It’s very hard to organise the burndy cables if you only have one stack.

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Yes might be good option I am using atacama at the moment I just wonder will the fraim be sonically better.?

In the context of Naim kit, I would definitely expect so.

As HH advises above, instead of 6 levels, if you can accommodate it, better to go for two lower stacks.

What’s the view on using a stack of Fraim for the ‘brains’ and a stack of FraimLite for the ‘brawn’? Or is that infra dig enough to generate howls of derision?


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That can of course be done, and some have done it. But they look quite different - the shelves are different, the Lite has no extra base, and without the glass the boxes sit lower - so it won’t look great. Two symmetrical stacks look just right and I’d say it’s worth the extra for that alone.

This is something of a hangover from starting out with Lite and not quite changing it all over. Should have gone for the full version from the off but with no audition available I was cautious, but later regretted my caution. One day I’ll finish the job (and the dusting).

I phone gone flat so you get the crappy i pad pic.

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2 x 4 for me. Brains/Brawn. Works a treat.


Very nice.

There’s a chance I may go from a double brain/brawn pair to a single stack, with six full chassis boxes, plus Superline. It’s purely for logistical reasons.

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The fraim is expensive I got a price today for 2 racks each housing 3 boxes at a cost of 4300 pounds.

If that’s for 2x bases and 2x 3 levels then that’s actually a very keen price i’d say.

Yes 2 bases and 2 levels each rack.

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I don’t use Fraim, but do use a SimRack with a single stack of seven shelves.

This is very rigid and I have Brawn at the bottom and Brains at the top.

Although from the picture, it may look tall, but is the right height for me.

Hope that this helps.


Nice rack are they 606 speaker what are they like.

Hi JDP, does this mean you are moving your rig to the bigger living room?

Ah yes i think i have my wires crossed. I thought 1 base & 3x levels each rack. Sorry for any confusion.

That’s the plan but we’re still trying to figure it out. We did it once before, and had hired my hifi dealer to move the speakers from upstairs, but then discovered the floor is too springy for the TT sitting on the Fraim, so we cancelled the dealer and moved the system back. We couldn’t walk the floor without watching the woofers go mad. The wall behind the Fraim just separates the living room from the staircase, so I decided it was not guaranteed/likely to help with mounting my TT wall bracket (Solidsteel WS-5). Plus, it’s plaster on lathe, which is a major nuisance to deal with for hanging things on walls.

Now we’re thinking about trying it again, but on an outside wall (plaster on brick) where mounting the wall bracket will work. However, I don’t think a double Fraim stack will work as well. I’ll need to remeasure and figure out where all the records will go.

Another possibility is to eliminate all the boxes and do a three-box Boulder system.

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