Naim FraimLite height

I am looking for the height of a Naim FraimLite. I have a space for a naim FraimLite but am limited in height by 805mm max to the rear of the rack by a tv mounted on the wall. Can I get a Naim Fraimlite in there with four levels and a Linn LP12 or alternative on top?

I believe the Fraimlite is 79mm High for the base and 150mm High for the standard shelf so a 4 shelf Fraimlite is 79+150+150+150+150=679.

That leaves me with 126mm on top. Is this enough room for a turntable? I guess it’s the height of the tone arm which is the ultimate restriction. Is there anyway to lower the Fraimlite?

Not really but couldn’t you move the TV?

Not really it’s part of an av setup and I’m rather restricted on space.



I have the answer for you as I have a Fraimlite base and four standard shelves with an LP12 at the top.

From the floor to the top of the LP12 lid is 802 mm.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @TK421

Looks like I might just be able to squeeze an LP12 in there after all. Good news.

Excellent news.

It will be a snug fit, but what the hell, you only live once (AFAIK).


Including Quadraspire feet this stack measures 780mm high to the top of the NDX2.

Nice setup @JohnF

that’s heartening, looks like I should have enough clearance above the LP12 with the lid off

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