Naim has forgotten me!

I have just started my free Tidal trial, and wanted to post (and receive) a few thoughts on here.

All I had to do was log in and type - simple, I’ve done it a few times before! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, I couldn’t log in. No matter what passwords/usernames I tried in increasing desperation.

Knowing when beaten, I surrendered and entered the change password dialogue box. You know, the one where you enter your email and Naim send you a nice little email to aid the process. Except it didn’t work! My e-mail was not on Naim’s system - in spite of owning 2 registered bits of kit and posting on here at least 3 times in the past, I had been “cleansed” from the system!

I had to register again and even be re-approved by a moderator. Am I alone here? Has this happened to anyone else on here?

And if my e-mail has been scrubbed from the system, how safe is my registered 5 year Nova warranty?

All thoughts welcome!

Your email here has nothing to do with any kit or warranty. This forum is for anybody to use.

Despite your browser being pointed to a naim domain, this board is not Naim.

It sounds like you may not have realised that this is the new Naim forum on a different platform. You could ask Richard whether it is too late to have your old username restored if you are fond of it.

Hi, welcome - finally - to Naim or at least to the Naim forum. It sure reads like you’ve had a rough ride, why I haven’t got a clue as its nothing like my own experience & I don’t recall reading anything like it either. I suspect you got yourself in the wrong place somehow.
I hope someone from Naim can reply & help sort you out

I think you are correct, Michael!

No, I wasn’t aware that this is a new forum on a different platform - would explain a lot!

When/why did the change take place?

Many thanks to all the kind people who responded!

I would have thought that SWtrains knew what platform to use (or were on strike)

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I have used both the old and new Naim forums (or is that ‘fora’) and much prefer this new one.

Welcome swtrains BTW.


As one who generally hates online changes, many months down the line I’d have to agree that the forum software is very good indeed, and works very well on an iPhone too even allowing images to be posted easily from the device.

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Welcome back swtrains. The forum changed back in January this year. Everybody had to re-register for the new forum as it was completely new - new platform, new provider.

Please note that your forum registration info is totally separate to any warranty registration info you have submitted to Naim.

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