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I recently bought a secondhand HDX which was working perfectly until I deleted the previous owner’s Network Shares and Music Stores leaving only the 2TB internal drive as a music store. Now it randomly cuts out while playing anything stored on the hard drive and I have noticed that the elapsed time on the track being played freezes when it cuts out. It doesn’t cut out at all when listening to internet radio. I have checked all connections.
Have I deleted something that I shouldn’t have? The only other thing is that when trying to access System Status, it sometimes says “Loading” then reverts back to the home page.
I have contacted the Naim Service Dept who were helpful enough but said I would have to send it to them for a look. I’d rather not do this if its a simple fix to remedy something I have done by mistake.
The current version is 1.7b.

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Hello TGS, might be worth talking to service dept to check date the drive was fitted and if any warranty on the drive.
Also could ask naim if they would dial in to your HDX and look at the unit online rather than sending it back to factory, as they may be able to check file structure and re install software etc remotely.

I imagine you’ve have already re-booted it? (Press and hold the power button on the front panel for several seconds until it says it’s shutting down, then once it’s shut down, turn off the switch on the back of the unit. Then turn the switch back on a few minutes later)
Other than doing that, I can’t see any other user friendly options such as re-starting the UPnP server or suchlike.

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I’ve already tried rebooting it. Tried resetting UPnP to defaults. Still the same.
I’ll try Naim Service again in the morning.

I’ll give them a ring in the morning.

Hi, how did you delete the music on your HDX? CDs ripped on the HDX should only be edited or deleted using a Naim interface, i.e. the desktop client or N-Serve app. If you navigate to the files using a computer and delete them from there, you can break the HDX database, so I wonder if this could be the cause of your problem?
Music other than CD rips is stored in a separate folder called Downloads, and these can only be deleted via a computer.

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I didn’t delete any music, only the network shares and network music stores which I couldn’t access. All this was done from the HDX itself. The downloads folder is still there. I only know that because I can see it via my TV which is on the same home network.


Have a look in Manage Music, somewhere in there (I think) there’s a View Backups, see if the previous owner has any configured - if so, delete them. This can cause system status to time out if the backup(s) are not online.

You say the drop outs are random, have you tried rewinding slightly after hearing one to assertain whether the glitch is on the original rip? The previous owner may have had some dodgy discs or the loader may be failing if so.

You could also try rebuilding the internal database via the Desktop Client application, it’s on the Tools tab under System Functions I believe. This may take a while when the HDX is rebooted depending on the amount of music on the drive.


I’ve replayed some of the tracks I have ripped which played perfectly before I deleted stuff. Naim are sending me version 1.7c to try and see if that helps. Its not on official release yet.

Firmware 1.7c won’t help with this at all. Rebuilding the database is probably your best bet.
Anyway good luck and let us know how you get on, because there will be other things to try…,


Spoke with Naim Support who said it couldn’t do any harm to try a database rebuild. I’ve never done any network stuff before and getting a network set up in Windows 10 wasn’t a smooth ride to say the least. However, after installing the desktop client and rebuilding the database it worked perfectly. I spent the next hour with a big cheesey grin on my face listening to a load of tracks and it never missed a beat. Thanks everyone for your help. I am very grateful.

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Jolly good! Well done and thanks for reporting back!

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