Naim Headline 2

Hi guys,

I’m considering setting up a headphone rig as I’m not being afforded enough time to listen to the speakers. Most of my free time lately is late at night. I can either decide not to listen to music late night and continue to listen to my speaker setup whenever possible, or have an alternative.

Now the Headline 2 seemed an attractive proposition, especially as I’ve learnt one can power it from a 552 PS.

Does anybody have any experience with the Headline?

How does it compare to other Headphone amplifiers?

And finally, will powering the Headline 2 from the 552 PS affect the speaker setup? If I remember correctly it’s best to only use one input from the pre amplifier.


While powering from the AUX2 of the NAC552 is technically possible, it’s not recommended as it creates an earth loop that impairs overall performance. You need a dedicated power supply.

I see, thanks Richard. So a Hicap?

NAPSC, iSupply, Flatcap, HiCap, and Supercap all work. Currently using half of a FC2X here. Very good. HC-DR was better, though. I would have bought the HC, but do not have room for it right now.


I’m still thinking of getting one, but have hesitated over cost and box count. Currently rigged up my A60 amp as a dedicated headphone amp of a Uniti2 and it has an edge over the headphone stages of my Uniti2 and Nova.

For exactly the reasons you mentioned I have a Headline 2! In all honesty no one complains when I have the nightly listening session on tbe speakers. The kids sleep though bonkers loud music anyway! Its nice though at times when someone else is watching the TV and you fancy music etc etc.

I have the Headline 2 on its own fraim level, HiCap DR with a Powerline also on a fraim level. If I was to add up the cost I guess it would be quite significant however I upgraded my 282 to a Supercap DR so the HiCap DR was spare and I bought an extra Powerline mistakenly so adding an ex demo Headline seemed cheap however reading this back I guess I should have sold the spare bits as I have now incested in 2 Fraim levels!!! It sounds good though!

I have an Olive Headline. I have run it from NAPSC, Flatcap and Hicap (all olive vintage). The PSU hierarchy holds for the NAHA as much as it does for Preamps. I currently run mine from a Hicap.

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How does the headline/2 compare to the competition? I suspect it would do rather well with a good power supply. Although having said there is so much choice these days for headphone amps.

I am trying my headline being powered from my supercap, thats also powering my 52.
I have a napsc, hicap and have used both these in the past, with the hicap being the better one, but since getting a superline and removing my phono boards i have tried it from aux 2 and i felt it was a slight improvement over the hicap, but i also tried it direct from the second outlet on the supercap ( the one that goes to 2nd hicap input) and found this to be even better and infact quite brilliant. As far as i can tell its made no difference to the rest of the system in any way and the headline is rocking

I’ve recently added a headline2 powered by a flatcapXS. Although it took me a while to appreciate it I would recommend it if your cans need it.

Don’t do this. Naim say it can overstress regulators and damage can result. It’s why they cannot recommend it.

O right
I have read quite a few people have done this, using just items that need power, like headline, stageline and even snaxo.
Just looked and infact i am using my supercap that powers my snaxo not 52 and as my snaxo 2-4 doesn’t use anywhere near the full capacity of the supercap, i can’t see what damage it could cause running just a small headline from it as well ?
Well its been like this for a while and its not running any hotter than it was before, plus when i use my head phones i am not using the snaxo.
But i must say the headline has never sounded anywhere near as good as it does now and its making me listen to my music much more as i can now go very late and not bother anyone

I cant get my Headline to work through my Nac 52 tape output, the Headline has phono leads and a Din converter lead to fit the 52.
Any ideas ?

Hi Monkeyman,

The DIN converter lead needs to be configured to the record output pins of the DIN socket.

Also, have you switched the record mute off & selected the correct source via the record bank of buttons?

Not wishing to tell you how to suck eggs, but some overlook these things!


Hi Neil,
I bought a Din to 4x Phono lead to try, thinking this would have the other record outputs in the Din but still no luck.
It plays fine through the speakers , just won’t switch to headphones .
Do you think i need a Din Headline to get the correct connections ?
Thanks Lee…

don’t go for a headline unless you have a power supply… PS+Headline price tag can get you many but many things far better than headline

this is coming from a guy with 20 years all naim track record.

violectric, SPL, Luxman, Bryston, headlamp gsx, chord…

IIRC not all of the DINs on a 82/52 have “Tape Out” connectivity. Which ‘52 socket are you connecting to?

edit, sockets 4, 5. & 6 have tape out.

No good. You need the DIN Headline . A DIN to RCA convertor won’t work here as the convertor will be wired for input not tape out.

Thanks for replies guys…
Ok i have a Hicap Dr for the Headline and its plugged into tape output 4 on 52.
I bought the headline for the supernait i had which plugged into phono tape out hence buying phono version and worked fine .

I will lookout for Din Headline then …

Thanks Lee…

I assume the HC is connected to the NAHA with the SLIC cable to provide the secondary supply to the NAHA. if so, then all you need is the correct signal cable from 52 to NAHA. As no power is sent down that cable then I believe I am allowed (under forum rules) to suggest a third party supplier such as Flashback, who should be able to supply the required cable.