Naim Hi-Line


Does anyone know why the Hi-Line has a small resistor in side?

If I use non-Naim inter connect eg:RCA ,
will it affect the design voltage/ resistance/ impedance…? thanks


According to Naim the resistor in the Hi-Line and Super Lumina interconnects is there to “control the characteristic of the screen “seen” by the ground.”

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The “ordinary” 5 to 5 pin din Naim interconnects (eg the one in the box when you buy an ndx2) do not contain resistors. So you can use any interconnect you prefer without issue.

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Thank you both for the information

Perhaps there is a clue here - as to why some non-Naim I/C’s may sound different, with Naim units…?

Has anyone got a multimeter and could measure the resistance value, just out of interest?

In the SL IC, its 470 ohms if I read the colours correctly.
Its connecting -ve with the coax outer.

Ah, quite non-trivial, then. Another reason different interconnects sound different!

I wouldn’t call it “non-trivial”, its just a shunt connection off -ve to the floating coax screen.
Its not part of the direct the signal circuit as such , but it might potentially cause a small change in capacitance, so maybe … ?.

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I was just thinking if that is the secret “recipe” to sell Highline, SL
As it add back the required component for it to sound its best?

Could be a marketing thing or worst?

Not really. I don’t think Naim made much if any mention it with the Hi-line. If it didn’t make a positive difference to performance then Naim would not have bothered with it.

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A separate question.

Anyone know the Hi-Line or SL (DIN -RCA ) version, is the RCA connector 75ohm?
Or does that matter for analogue use?

Thinking to butcher one (DIN-DIN) version and convert to a WBT RCA for headphone amp.

Don’t do it! Better to trade the DIN-DIN for a properly configured DIN-RCA.


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