Naim Hierarchy? 152/155 Separates

I’m confused about where my 152XS and 155XS pre/power separates will fall within the Naim hierarchy.

The “retail” price for the combo was $6K. This makes them about 20% more expensive than a SN3. However the specs on my combo appear closer aligned with a regular NaitXS.

I’m asking the question because there are quite a lot of topics regarding speaker pairing with various Naim products and the advantages/shortcomings of those parings.

However the 152/155 combo isn’t mentioned very often so I’m wondering which other Naim products would be considered similar performance or above/below the 152/155 combo.

I used to have 152/155xs system. I also bought it new from memory it was just over £2k so 6k dollars seems very expensive.
I think it is discontinued now. It was the entry level pre/power Naim system and very nice it was too.
I got a flat cap Xs and used that on both inputs on the pre amp and that was a worthwhile upgrade.
In terms of hierarchy as I said it was entry level pre/power and the integrated XS was it’s one box equivalent. I’ve not heard the XS integrated so can’t comment on comparisons.
The 152/155xs is a lovely balanced system and the 155 power amp will happily drive many great speakers.
I’m not sure about the Supernait 3 as I’ve not heard it so can’t offer any comparisons against the 152/155 combo.

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Above: SN3

Similar: Nait XS3

Below: Nait 5si

These are the opinions of a happy NAC152XS/NAP155XS owner who has owned the Nait XS twice but chose the pre power because he wanted more :slight_smile:

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Any more for anymore?

How old are they and have they been serviced?

I had xs separates with FC xs for a number of years. I really enjoyed them. I demoed a SN2 and 202/200 but didn’t feel there was enough improvement to part with the cash. The 272/250dr was however a big step up imo.

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