Naim HiLine din/rca or Morgana din rca

good morning everyone, I would like your advice, on my pre 252 SC dr I would like to try a better cable than the one I have naim base din/rca that I use for the Phono section now the question is to take a Naim hiline or the same cable as the witch hat audio Morgan? i already have a pair morgana xlr al 300 dr. unfortunately the two rca inputs of the preamplifier are already busy

I use a Morgana RCA-DIN from my phono to my 282 and it’s excellent.


let’s also say that I’ve never tried a Naim HiLine cable.

I used Morgana when I owned a 282 and it made a significant different compared to the standard cable.

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I have an unused Hiline at the moment as I found the Morgana option materially better.

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well thanks for your feedback, I understood that the Morgana is preferred for this din5/rca model as well. so I try to order it even if the delivery times are very long, if there is then someone who sells it used I will buy it immediately. thanks

If you have RCA-RCA you can always buy an RCA/DIN converter until you get your order.

I recall trying the 4-5 Hi-line on my Prefix + Supercap in the NAC552, but I preferred the lavender/grey 4-5. The Hi-line came into its own with a Naim digital source, but on the LP12 and Prefix, the Lavender was spot on.


I originally used the HiLine but with many having issues with it being fragile, I was looking for a replacement that wouldn’t have this potential issue. I swapped to the Morgana & while I didn’t do extensive back to back listening, basically I swapped it in & didn’t notice any downgrade in sound, so I kept it (have one on my TT source & one on my digital, both RCA to DIN).

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Pretty much what I did. After the second Highline repair (1st free, 2nd paid for), I installed Morgana and didn’t miss the Highline at all. Then again, neither did I notice a massive uplift. Once other changes are complete and settled down, I’ll put the Highline back in for a sense check…


Just done the same change…morgana phono to din from phono stage, replacing hiline phono to din on my 252.
Very happy. Took a week or so and then just superb.
The hiline was ok, but a bit hard and sterile. I can see sense in what Richard suggests above.

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@Richard.Dane is spot on with this. The Hiline, great as it is, is source dependent. I absolutely loved it with my NDAC but the NDX2 likes the Morgana better. Others have found with the ND555 that the Hiline is better than the Morgana so definitely try both in your system if you can

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thanks for your feedback, unfortunately it is not easy to find a used hiline as you cannot find a used Morgana so yesterday I bought the Morgana din source / rca and it should arrive before Christmas I will listen to it a bit and then I will let you know mine impressions

Is Morgana directional? If so, are you sure you need DIN-RCA? Or should it be RCA-DIN?

Yes, the cable I ordered can be used on all sources

Mine was fixed FOC

I have the Morgana DIN-XLR for my 300DR, but I use HiLine cables as NDX2 and SuperLine ICs to my 252. They sound better than the Naim lavender cables, and better than the Nordost cables I demoed. I have not tried the Morgana DIN ICs, and probably won’t. I actually had @Bart’s Morgana IC for the SuperLine briefly (I bought my SuperCap DR for it from him), but it turns out it didn’t even work so I sent it back to him. The folks at WitchHat are nice and make great cables but they can be knuckleheads at times (they once sent me just one cable when I ordered and paid for a matched pair). I wonder if they properly tested Bart’s cable before shipping it overseas.

of course it can happen to everyone to me so far with Morgana din / xlr for the 300dr everything went well now I await these new cables that I bought Morgana din / rca and Specter speaker

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