Naim iOS 17 style interactive widget

I rarely rely on their app. My local store gets updated inventory IIRC twice a day some folks put it on “hold” but never return. Anyway I’m over standing in line and waiting for the latest of anything.

I really don’t see a “Customize” option at the bottom of my screen. Could be the version of the OS. Again thanks for your help, I’ll deal with this later. I also notice you are using the Beta version of the app where I am not.

You’re on the home page looking at apps, not widgets. Swipe from right to left and try again.

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Ah that’s it! Thanks!

Hurrah! There are too many screens with similar names.

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@davidhendon I spoke too soon. The color I want is out of stock for now…

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Waiting on my 15 Pro natural Titanium here as well.

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Why should the app be regularly improved and free? Because it is the only way to configure some Naim products and they cost an arm and a leg so should offer a premium experience. Apps are as much a part of brand equity as the physical products. The app is far from perfect, for example I get regular problems with it losing connection to the streamer (and I have a professional wifi setup at home).

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Well yes, I’m not an advocat of change for the change sake. And also adopting new frameworks, APIs, and stuff should yield a value, because updating costs effort. However in IT, not moving will make you obsolete sooner or later. (Timeframes vary a lot…)

As for the “use the new widget” discussion:

  • So far, Naim pointed to the new style widgets not being an alternative, since they did not offer interactive controls. (I buy that.)
  • Now with iOS 17, widgets can be interactive. I 'm not into it to know, if this already allows the somewhat complex UI of the exisitng Naim iOS-widget (with custom controls) - so far I’ve only seen very simple UIs (like a button to check).
  • However, Apple is developing the ecosystem for the “new widgets” across the last years:
    • You can have them on the home screen. (And not only in the widget sidebar, or how it’s called.)
    • You can have them on the lock screen.
    • Now with macOS Sonoma, you can display iOS widgets on your Mac. (Even Intel ones, where you cannot run iOS apps on the Mac themselves.)
    • Beyond, they reuse and expand on the widget framework for live activities, dynamic island - which all share same underlying frameworks.
  • So, if any decent/user widget could be done with the new framework, it would offer a couple of new use cases to users and opportunities to Naim.
    • And maybe we could get a watchOS control widget as well, since it will be much easier to port to watchOS using the new UI/widget frameworks. (Daydreaming allowed for today.)

So yes: nothing is broken (so there’s no break-fix hurry), but in IT the environment is usually changing constantly - so the answer from last year may be worth to revisit today.
And as we see, users looking for widgets today, don’t find the old one, unless they are pointed to it.

Disclaimer: I’m not a developer; just what I get from “IT user side and news.”


So the post is not about that Naim MUST do this. It’s just a wish I really like to see happening. I know taste varies. But the app really does feel outdated and slow, for me.

As @PhilippVH already pointed out, Since iOS 17 you have a lot more options for widgets now.

The products cost a lot of money and the premium feel should, imho, be reflected throughout the whole experience, from product to app.

Again, I don’t say Naim needs to do this. Its just an idea and maybe it give the developers of Naim an idea about what the users want.

I’m fully with you @andredewaard! I’ve suggested similar changes to the Naim app here in the past and my experience at that time was that the people here were reluctant to change. I agree also with the comments that the app does what it needs to do, but if Naim also wants to involve the younger generation (which I think is a good thing to do!) not only the black boxes, but also the app should be first class.

My teenagers regularly show me how flawlessly others apps work, I think there is some room for improvement… :slight_smile:

Many regards,


Are you able to say exactly what the users want, other than something different to what we have now? What doesn’t work? How could it be better? What do young people want that oldies don’t?

plus 1 HH

Worth commenting, that it would be a good idea for OP to send a copy direct to Naim hq. Naim staff are not in the practice of usually reading and responding to threads, so no guarantee this will be seen.

Clearly you are experiencing an issue with app, if you are suggesting it doesn’t work flawlessly.
That is unfortunate and no doubt frustrating. By comparison, my experience is different.
I have no issues with response, it is immediate on iphone and ipad pro 3gen.
Controlling six streamers, all gens, across two buildings and mixed wired and wireless, response is flawless.
No fibre broadband, copper wire for the final leg. Using Tidal, Qobuz, US, NAS with Asset and. MinimServer. IME response time is immediate. Network is Draytek router, switches inc poe and Ubiquiti WAPs wired.

As a matter of interest, are the apps to which you refer, acting as control points for music systems rather than streaming music? I have heard comments from two dealers, that Naim’s app is one of the better ones for a control point.
Always room for improvement, I rather think that once the cycle, which is far from complete perhaps, has been reached for new boxes, Naim is likely to turn attention to enhancements or a more significant rethink of the app.
Naim has never been “in a hurry” to make changes and imho that will apply equally to the app.

I don’t see the widget anywhere on my iPad Pro.


Swipe to the right from the main screen.

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Ta da!


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