Naim iOS 17 style interactive widget

Would be really nice if we could get iOS 17 style interactive widgets for on the homescreen or standby mode. App feels outdated as well.
Would love to have an updated swiftUI app.


Someone needs to translate that into English!


It would be nice if some of the basic functionality from the app was available as a widget (i.e. you could control your streamer without having to go into the Naim app).

SwiftUI is an application framework for Apple devices (iOS), and @andredewaard is asking for an app that looks a bit more modern. As with all things aesthetic, whether the app is old/outdated is a matter of taste. Personally, I find it annoying that I have to “go back” on browsing choices in the app, rather than searches and music navigation defaulting to the last search that I completed.

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First the app (iOS here) is not broken.

Second if it ain’t broke, what is to fix! (Across two buildings with more than one streamer, some wired, some wifi, it all works, response is immediate in my network - ymmv but intranet and wifi is likely to need addressing if probs are being experienced.

Third app covers what is now three gens of streamers.

Four it controls one streamer or via multiroom two or even many.

Five for those desiring more complexity, Roon seems to a potential option.

I’m always fascinated by these style of threads - there may well be logic to the request(s), yet there never seems to be a succinct, understandable and brief outline of what a new app would do differently, in a form us, largely non techies, can understand. @graham55 has already made a valid point! Personally, I think Naim have done a terrific job of enabling the three gens to work from one app, noting that a certain brand of headphones have also relatively recently been added. Members of the beta test team on the forum, strive to assist in ensuring that each proposed update is both stable and that functionality continues.

Of course, Naim streamer owners could always crowd-fund Naim to produce a new app. Updates are free, why should a new app be similarly so, when the streamer has already been purchased; imho it shouldn’t.

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Where is this widget? I’d like to try this as I just upgraded to iOS17

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I, for one, would not be interested in yet more widgets on my phone.

I tend not to use the widgets on the Home Screen, but it does work. I have two because one is the beta app. This is iOS 17 but the widgets have been available for ages.

Ok, I give up. Where can I find the Focal&naim widget? Is this something I have to create? Guess I haven’t explored all the options for iOS

It’s an older generation widget, so doesn’t add like others. Go to the Home Screen, press in an empty area until the widgets jiggle. Then go to the bottom and touch customise. You should find the Naim widget there. Just touching the +, which is what you do with later widgets, won’t work.


I’ll mess around with this once I get my new iPhone 15 pro.

There’s posh!

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Apple is telling me that it is delivery at the end of October. Are you beating that?

How does anyone with an iPad or iPhone survive without using the widget?

When you’re on Tidal app using Connect (for example) it really is a breeze to mute or change volume using widget.

Easily. I’m in the States and near one of the largest Apple Store by volume. iPhone 15 pro no problem. The 15 pro Max is harder to get

I’d happily use it but I can’t find the Focal/Naim widget. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but right now I’m at a loss. iPhone 13 Pro currently running iOS 17.0.2

I hardly ever use the widget. If the phone is locked it perhaps saves 1 second compared to just opening the app.


Customise. Bottom of the screen. Get the widgets wiggling and the option appears.

Interesting. I checked all the colours and storage permutations from the Apple store on line in UK and today it’s saying delivery between the 27th Sept and 4th October and no availability from the the physical store 30 miles away.

With Tidal Connect we hardly ever use the naim app. Not even on my first page of apps!

Home Screen, swipe right… Done!