Naim iOS app connectivity

A question I put to you, the experts.

Setup: NDX 2 wired directly to Asus RT-AC68U router. Phone: iPhone X running iOS 13, though the issue presented below occurred on iOS 12 as well.

The issue: I primarily use my phone to control the NDX 2. My “workflow” would be to load Naim app, choose music source (either TIDAL or local UPnP with MinimServer), and then either continue using another app on the phone, or locking the phone, walking away, and coming back. The problem is that when I come back to the Naim app - and this occurs whether I am flipping back to the app from another app or unlocking the phone, and also whether I left the Naim app open or forced it to close - the app will always take a minimum 10-15 seconds (sometimes longer) to “connect” to the NDX 2 - ie. come to a point where I can actually control the NDX 2, ie. pause, skip, choose a different song/source etc… Sometimes, I’d say every 5th-6th time, it will actually have to start right at the beginning, ie. it will have to find the “Room” and will take me to the beginning where I actually have to wait for the NDX 2 show up in the list of rooms, and then I can tap that and go in.

I never had this issue with my previous NDX. Every time I loaded the Naim app with that unit, I was always instantly connected and I could control things immediately. In like one second I’d load app and be able to hit pause or skip. Now, there is always a delay.

I don’t think it is the router because I have had multiple routers (I am an AV integrator by trade and so I try different things) and so it isn’t the router. It happens whether I am using local UPnP or TIDAL as a source. It has happened on iOS 12 and 13. I’ve tried fixed IP and DHCP - neither setting makes a difference. I’ve tried with both “Stay Connected” checked and unchecked in the Naim app. No difference.

Is this just the way this app works?

I have similar issues, as well as when it loads, it does a dance where it doesn’t display the track that is playing, but scrolls back to the first track the skips forward to display the actual track that is playing.

I think the general consensus is that software development is not a Naim strong point, but it sounds great.

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Mike, mine does the exact same dance! I forgot to mention that part.

Well, it is disappointing but I suppose it is what it is. The solution, perhaps, is to use an iPad and just leave the app up and running on it. I am switching to an ND5 XS 2 and so will be losing the remote, which was my failsafe for instant control.

I guess I don’t need to get into the absurdity of the lack of a “Stop Stream” button for internet radio…

Unfortunately, no. I leave it running on my iPad and it has the exact same issues.

This has been fixed on the latest firmware on the Unitis and is meant to be coming on an imminent update of the streamers. Why is wasn’t there originally is beyond me, as it’s a basic function.

Really?! So if I leave the app open on the iPad, and set the iPad not to turn off, so the screen stays on, on the Naim app…it will still lose the connection?!

Sorry, it will still do the dance and scroll.

That is massively disappointing. I hadn’t tried it as I just assumed if you left the app open, it would stay connected. I guess the old adage about assumptions applies…

So the only solution it seems to me is to use Roon.

You could try using the Tidal app and Chromecast ?

Is there a fidelity hit with using Chromecast?

No, the app works as a remote control, the signal is pulled straight from the web to the streamer.

Interesting. Just to clarify so that I am sure I understand correctly, if I were to use Chromecast from the TIDAL app on the phone to the ND5 XS 2, no actual music information is “streaming” from the phone to the Naim, but rather the music is coming straight into the Naim from its ethernet connection? If that is the case, I had no idea that is how it worked!

It is, but I’ve just tried it now and can’t even get Chromecast to play to my NDX2. It used to work… might be a iOS13 bug, it’s a pretty poor release.

There are also problems with Roon and IOS 13 according to another thread.

I’ll try it when I get home. Yes, iOS 13 has been a rough ride.

To be fair, so has this latest streaming platform from Naim. The previous platform was rock solid for me. I like the added features of the new units, and the sound quality, but considering I must use the app for control (on the old streamers I could navigate UPnP using the front panel screen and remote), the app really needs to be better.

I toy with the idea of getting a NAC 272 instead of an integrated/streamer setup…but I worry about investing in what is really quite an old platform.

As the current streamers are based on the new Uniti platform which has been out for a long time now, Naim has had, in my opinion, more than enough time to get their act together.

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Any reason why your down changing from the NDX2 to the ND5?

I do think the software issues are a problem for Naim, I’m not so sure I’d be recommending them to new buyers. They should be rock solid.

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A valid question, Hollow. :slight_smile:

I am actually a Naim dealer and so my system is always in transition. I try as much product as I can in my own home to really understand the flavour of the different products. It is a blessing, but also a curse. I am getting quite tired of constantly swapping gear; I just want to come home and listen!

So the choice is primarily based on budget…contrary to popular belief this isn’t a high-paying profession. :wink:

I am determined on a two-box setup and NAIT XS 3 / ND5 XS 2 is a sweet spot in terms of budget. SuperNAIT 3 / NDX 2 would be a stretch. NAC 272 / NAP 200 would be nice and for aforementioned app reasons would be preferable, but it is an old platform and lacks Roon endpoint etc…

Ah ok, I believe the ND5 is excellent though so enjoy

It is indeed. The NDX 2 is remarkable and a huge improvement over the original, and the ND555 is particularly special. But…the ND5 XS 2 is, in my opinion, the star of the new lineup. Not inexpensive, and yet I believe it offers ridiculous value for what it is.

Yeh if I was been sensible I would have bought one instead of the NDX2 but who is ever sensible in this game! I was keen to have the remote and screen too and knowing me I would have ended up trading up to the NDX2 anyway!

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