Naim iOS app installation on new Mac

I read a previous post about installing the Naim app on a Mac M1 but I found an easier way described on the pcmag web site. This method works for the new Mac Apple Silicon machines running M1/M2 processors and I guess it should work for the newly announced M3. It does not work for the old machines running Intel processors.

You open the App Store on your Mac, click on your name in the bottom left, select iPhone & iPad Apps under Account, look for the Focal & Naim app in the list of apps you have previously downloaded on your iPhone or iPad and click on the download icon. The app is installed in the Applications folder on the Mac. I am running the app on a MacBook Air M2.


Open the app store, search naim and then just click the iphone & ipad tab.


Great, even quicker.

Yes, potentially compatible apps you’ve purchased for ios/ipad os appear under you’re account settings bottom left under the ios/ipad apps tab.

It’s a nice benefit of the shift to apple silicon.

It’s also easy then to copy an app to somewhere if you want to back it up in case a future update behaves unexpectedly or no longer works properly.

Please forgive my ignorance, but if downloading this app is UPnP software still needed to connect to an NDX?

Yes, the app has the same function whatever device it runs on, which is essentially that of a remote control.

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